Sen. Paul Is Concerned About Gina Haspel’s Ties to Trump Hater Brennan


Sen. Rand Paul’s concerns about Gina Haspel becoming the next CIA Director, are not limited to her interrogation tactics. He is concerned about her relationship to her former boss John Brennan who has proven himself to be a hate-filled partisan.

On Tuesday, Paul (R-Ky.) told Fox News’s Neil Cavuto that Haspel is a “close acolyte” of former CIA Director John Brennan, a Trump hater. And Sen. Paul wants to know what Haspel may know about CIA involvement in surveillance of the Trump campaign.

The CIA didn’t run the dossier operation but Senator Paul suggests she knows what went on.

On the 15th, Senator Paul sent a letter asking questions addressing his concerns but he believes she has not answered his questions directly.

Senator Paul believes British intelligence gave information to John Brennan as CIA Director.

He is concerned about the nuances in the way Gina Haspel worded her answers during testimony. They twist wording so they can go back and say they didn’t lie. He wants to know if Brennan got information from the British incidentally.

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5 years ago

Paul makes such great points, we need to know, but why not ask in committee? If Haspel was merely moving up in the org, so had an association with Brennan, it means little.