Sen. Paul Warns of Democrats’ Ad Hominem Attacks to Sabotage DACA Deal


Congress can’t reach a compromise on immigration reform “if everybody is out there calling the president a racist,” Senator Rand Paul warned on Meet the Press Sunday.

The conversation with Senator Paul followed accusations by Dick Durbin that President Trump referred to certain Third World countries as “s***hole” countries. The left and never-Trumpers have been out doing their best to reinforce what might actually be untrue. The only one reporting it is Dick Durbin and the President has denied it. Sen. Cotton said Durbin is lying.

Rand Paul said Democrats want to blow up the negotiations.

On Fox & Friends this morning and on the Sunday show, Rand Paul talked about how Donald Trump the businessman helped with two medical missionary trips he took to Haiti and Central America. He was threatened on Twitter for it.

You can’t even make true statements in defense of the President without getting threatened.

Paul also addressed the funding of the government. Paul hopes the Democrats will compromise but they have in the past sabotaged any deal because they won’t compromise at all.

Currently Democrats are threatening to shut down the government to get everything they want in a clean DACA bill. In other words, they want to shut down the government over illegal aliens.

Paul said that he hopes DACA will be separate from funding and thinks it will be, but added, “It depends on Democrats really compromising on this. I’ve seen the immigration debate I’ve seen in six or seven years that I’ve been in Washington, debate really being sabotaged by Democrats because they are unwilling to compromise.”

The host of Fox & Friends asked, “Isn’t that what this racist talk is about? Not coming to a deal, grandstanding, racializing, politicizing the issue so they don’t get a deal? If you really wanted one, the framework was set up in that meeting Tuesday that was televised, Senator?”

Paul said if the Democrats are going to attack the President personally and “if Democrats only care about destroying the dialogue and care about playing the race card in the election of 2020 and we’re going do this for three more years now…But I think calling him names and letting it degenerate to the schoolyard stuff doesn’t do anybody any good.”

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