Sen. Rubio Wants to Take in Nearly a Million Venezuelans


Senator Marco Rubio wants to take in almost a million Venezuelans, the people who voted in Hugo Chavez and then Nicolas Maduro. It would be under temporary protected status but those immigrants never leave. Consider them permanent.

Rubio said the crisis has caused 3.4 million Venezuelans to leave the country. He says the crisis is as serious as those in other countries like El Salvador and Haiti, whose citizens residing in the U.S. received Temporary Protected Status in years past.

Elliott Abrams, the Trump administration’s special envoy for Venezuela, said it’s under review.

Rubio is working with corrupt Democrat from New Jersey Bob Menendez on this TPS as it is reviewed.

Created in 1990, the status would allow recipients to be able to remain in the country and work legally. The U.S. workers and their salaries would likely be affected negatively.

If it starts out at a million, it will likely increase to well beyond that number. The screening will be less than stellar.

The White House, however, is not expected to support the legislation.


  1. Why 1 million? Why not 3? Or 17 million?
    Why not all?

    This is pure silliness and not very thoroughly thought through virtue signalling.

    Stop pandering to the left, little M ..

  2. Little Marco is Juan MexaCain’s protégé and following in the same footsteps his mentor would have taken if the jerk was not now south of dirt.

  3. Rubio is an immigration leftist/extremist who has consistently supported mass immigration his entire career. The republican party ls now left of center and going further.

  4. Call the White House and say NO WAY to bringing them here!!! We are already providing a lot of assistance to them in THEIR country.

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