Sen Schumer Lists His Demands for a Redo of the House Impeachment


Acting as both judge and prosecutor, Democrats told America they didn’t need any more evidence or testimony before impeaching the President. What the Democrats are now saying is it is fair to impeach him on that evidence and testimony, but it’s not enough evidence and testimony for a Senate trial.

That is what Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wants Americans to believe.

Sen. McConnell issued a statement in response to a letter from Sen. Schumer with his demands for witnesses.

“It is not the Senate’s job to leap into the breach and search desperately for ways to get to ‘guilty,’” McConnell said, a reply to Schumer’s request that the Senate agree to call several Trump administration officials as witnesses for the trial in the same resolution that lays out the impeachment trial’s rules of the road.

McConnell said he still hopes to meet with Schumer but scolded him for releasing his letter to the press before their meeting. Schumer’s letter came after McConnell has repeatedly vowed that the Senate will clear Trump of wrongdoing.

Democrats want to redo the impeachment and call in witnesses who are bound by Executive Privilege and who have refused to testify.

The courts have been asked to intercede in this battle between congressional Democrats and the Executive branch as per the Constitution, but House Democrats refused to wait for the decision from the Supreme Court and said they had the evidence they needed. House Democrats claim sole power and authority over the Executive branch in this matter.

Democrats demanding fairness now say they will keep impeaching the President no matter how the Senate trial turns out. They are adding charges informally which fly in the face of common sense. For example, they claim the President’s July 25th call to President Zelensky is wire fraud and the July 26th call to Ambassador Sondland merits a charge of bribery.

Ace of Spades put it this way, “Charles Schumer: The House Totally Made a Convincing Case for Impeachment But Also We Totally Need to Call New Witnesses to Make the Case for Impeachment.”

And by the way, they don’t want to hear from GOP witnesses.


Despite the request for court mediation, Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to call current and former White House personnel to testify at the Senate hearing. They want to call ONLY their witnesses.

This is the same Democrat Party that did not allow Republican witnesses during the impeachment trial.

Schumer said on Monday morning, “There is not a single reason that has not been given why the four witnesses we asked for, why the documents we asked for, should not be presented. I don’t know what they’ll say. Maybe they’ll be exculpatory to President Trump, but not have them is to engage in a cover-up, to say we’re afraid. And then the American people will ask of President Trump and people like Mitch Mcconnell if he doesn’t have a full and fair trial what are you hiding? What are you hiding?”

Schumer wants the following witnesses to appear: Robert Blair, Senior Advisor to the Acting White House Chief of Staff; Mick Mulvaney, Acting White House Chief of Staff; John Bolton, former National Security Advisor; and Michael Duffey, Associate Director for National Security, Office of Management and Budget.

All of those witnesses have refused to testify.

Schumer wants subpoenaed documents that were withheld by the White House although they have millions of documents and House Democrats have said they had enough to impeach.

His list of demands will guarantee a circus in place of a trial. The House Democrats already modeled how the minority should be handled with their secret bunker, withheld testimony, rejection of presidential civil rights, rejection of witnesses, and so on.


Even Susan Collins was displeased with Schumer’s tactics, Politico reported.

“I was surprised that he didn’t first sit down with the Senate majority leader and discuss his proposals rather than doing a letter that he released to the press,” Collins said. “The more constructive way would have been for him to sit down with Sen. McConnell.”

The Republicans say Democrats can’t have only their witnesses. The Republicans will call theirs as well if that’s really the path they want to go down.

“If we’re going to have witnesses … then you’re going to have allow the defense to call witnesses that they believe are exculpatory. If that’s the direction [Democrats] want to go, then that’s what we’ll do,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). “You can’t have a process where only side gets to call unlimited witnesses,” reports Politico.

“I want to hear from Hunter Biden … I want to hear from the whistleblower,” said Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.). Hawley added that he “would be shocked” if any Republicans backed Schumer’s proposal.

GOP leaders said Monday that they still believed that the question of witnesses will be dealt with after House Democrats and Trump’s attorneys present their arguments, as it was in Bill Clinton’s case.

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo) said, “Stretching this out for further political advantage is in nobody’s best interest.”


Democrats are attempting to claim the Constitution for their side while violating the separation of powers, ignoring the President’s due process rights and presumption of innocence, and, in the style of Lavrentiy Beria, looking for the crimes to fit the impeachment.

Schumer has been publicly outspoken about wanting his demands met.

“Two weeks ago now I told Leader McConnell I was ready to discuss trial rules. Instead of talking to me, he spoke publicly about what a trial may look like and said he was taking his cues from the White House…it was very unfair,” Schumer said after hearing nothing about his demands.

The tables are turned. Where were they during the House impeachment?

It is important to note that senators are not jurors and cannot be impartial jurors. They already have foreknowledge.


Democrats are working hard to win public opinion, but it might not be working.


This sums up the Democrat case for impeachment which began before he took the oath of office and as they are delegitimizing the 2020 election.

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