Sen Scott implores Bloomberg to not hold the New Economy Forum in China


Senator Rick Scott is urging former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg to reconsider his decision to host the New Economy Forum in Communist China.

On Monday, U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., sent a letter to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg urging him to reconsider his decision to host the New Economy Forum in Communist China.

In the letter, Scott reminded him of the plight of the people of Hong Kong fighting for their freedoms, China’s violation of human rights, their theft of our intellectual property, their markets closed to foreign goods, and their militarization of the South China Sea.

“Hosting the New Economy Forum in Beijing signals your support for the policies of Communist China, a regime that refuses to live up to its promises,” Scott wrote.” How can you claim to stand for freedom while choosing to support a nation that continues to suppress basic human rights?”

Scott said companies around the world need to stop doing business with Communist China.

“I urge you to immediately reconsider your decision to support President Xi, and pull the New Economy Forum from Beijing,” he concluded.

Bloomberg wanted to hold it in China last year and was talked out of it. Little Michael Bloomberg is oblivious to the dangers presented by Red China.

Bloomberg wants to be President and he’s a Red China fan, no exaggeration. He doesn’t think Xi is a dictator and believes the leaders of China do what the people want. They don’t need democracy.


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Elena McCoy
Elena McCoy
4 years ago

Not everybody remembers him the same way and Germans have second thoughts about if is now better or not because of the criminality element. Merkel is supporting immigrants over the citizens to compensate for low birth rate and to grow the economy. Not smart.