Sen. Sessions: Immigration Plan Is an Extraordinary Act of Self-Sabotage


Jeff Sessions

Sen. Jeff Sessions

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala), is a leading opponent of recent immigration reform plans, arguing that the GOP would commit “self-sabotage” by supporting the proposals of President Obama.

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform package put forth in the senate allows for extensive chain migration and threatens jobs and wages in the United States. Sen. Sessions is speaking out against what will be a ‘crushing hammer blow to the Middle Class.’

Sen. Jeff Sessions penned a column in USA Today:’Immigration spikes income inequality.‘ He warns Republicans that they are committing ‘self-sabotage.’

The increasing guest workers and immigration in the proposed Republican plan will hurt already struggling out-of-work Americans, he says.  He has prepared a 30-page report which will be reviewed by the senate at their conference next week.

Republicans plan to announce their immigration ‘Principles’ this week.

‘Unfortunately,’ Sessions writes, ‘leaks reveal the leaders’ plan mirrors central elements of the president’s plan, combining work permits for millions of illegal immigrants with large permanent increases in the flow of new workers from abroad. This would be an extraordinary act of self-sabotage.’

‘So what is the president’s proposal? With three job seekers for every open job, he proposes doubling the number of guest workers entering every year, granting immediate work permits to millions of illegal immigrants, and tripling the number of new immigrants granted permanent residency over the next decade.’

‘Today, the U.S. admits 1 million immigrants a year. The plan supported by the president and Senate Democrats would increase that to 3 million a year, or 30 million largely lower-skill immigrants over the next 10.’

‘The president’s own economic adviser, Gene Sperling, recently noted that there are three unemployed people for every job available. Wages today have been flat since 2000. Last year, a record one in five American households received food stamps.’

This is a national emergency.

House Republicans should reply to the president’s immigration effort with a simple message: Our first duty is to help struggling Americans find good work and rising wages.

He concludes: ‘The choice is clear. Either the GOP can help the White House deliver a crushing hammer blow to the middle class — or it can stand alone as the one party defending the legitimate interests of American workers.

Read the column at USA Today, click here.

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