Sen. Sessions Never Met With Any Russians


In his opening statement, the Attorney General stated he did not have any private meetings with any Russian at the Mayfair hotel. He has no recollection of meeting with the Russian ambassador or any Russian at a reception. He refused to answer questions about private conversations with the President, effectively shutting down the Democrats.

He admitted later he could have brushed up against one but has no memory of that.

The false allegations by Al Franken and his colleagues were blown away by Sessions’ explanation in his opening statement.

He knows nothing about the Russia investigation and has insisted his staff tell him nothing. He recused himself only because of a regulation that states he must not participate in an investigation of a campaign if they served as a campaign advisor. That is the scope of his recusal and it cannot interfere with his ability to do his job.

A longstanding policy of the DoJ is to not comment on conversations the AG has had with the President.  That disturbed Democrat Senator Mark Warner, a far-left partisan. The Democrats ask the inappropriate questions to get the Republicans on the record as refusing to answer some questions.



  1. Sessions stated the committee should be asking what foreign governments interfered in the election.

    And Burr has the audacity to actually state the committee IS pursuing that. LIKE HELL. This dog and pony show keeps going like the Energizer Bunny.

  2. If Sen Warner is so damned concerned about Russian interference and ties to the Russians then WHY in hell is he so concerned about campaign operatives who are NOT in the administration. INSTEAD go after those who DO have Russian ties, namely, Clinton, Podesta and others.

  3. The people that fall for the global warming hoax also fall for the Russian scare. Each scam has the characteristic of lack of data or evidence.

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