Sen. Sessions Wanted Comey Fired for His “Stunning” Usurpation of AG’s Power


The Attorney General rebutted Jim Comey’s comments made during his testimony last week. More importantly, he explained why he fired Comey and why he didn’t recuse himself from firing Jim Comey.

Comey was fired in part because of his usurpation of the power of the Attorney General.

Attorney General Sessions rebutted Comey’s testimony

To begin with, AG Sessions rebutted Mr. Comey’s comments that he never responded to him when he said he was concerned about the President’s improper comments about General Flynn’s investigation.

AG Sessions agreed that Mr. Comey did express concerns with Attorney General Sessions about proper protocol on the part of the President.

Comey testified that when he told Sessions that he should prevent any “future direct communication between the President and me,” the attorney general didn’t reply.

However, that was not true.  He was not silent. He responded to this comment by saying that the FBI and Department of Justice needed to be careful about following appropriate policies regarding contacts with the White House.

He never recused himself from firing Comey and doing his job

Sessions said he recused himself from the  Russia investigation, one investigation, but not from scurrilous and false allegations nor did he recuse himself from doing his job and firing an employee.

Sen. Warner understood Sessions wanted Comey fired from the beginning and was unhappy that Sessions did not speak with Comey about his performance before firing him.

Sessions was very clear as to why he fired Comey in his exchange with Sen. Feinstein and a performance review was hardly necessary.

Sen. Feinstein cited Sessions criticizing Comey in a letter and the AG said there were problems dating back to the Clinton email investigation. Sessions felt Comey’s handling of the Clinton case was “stunning”. He also mentioned the leaks.

During the campaign, Sessions heard no discussions of involvement with Russians from the Trump campaign. His committee only met a couple times.

Sessions blasted an obnoxious Wyden

Senator Wyden repeated Comey’s suspicions. Sessions bit Wyden’s head off. he said he resents these accusations and has answered honestly. Wyden asked why he didn’t recuse himself from the firing of Comey since it violated his recusal. Sessions said it did not violate his recusal.

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