Sen. Ted Cruz Calls for Investigation of [Antifa-Friendly] Portland Mayor


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Sunday called on law enforcement personnel to hold multiple people responsible for the Antifa attack against conservative journalist Andy Ngo.

Sen. Cruz, a prominent conservative and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wants federal authorities to investigate and prosecute the mayor of Portland, Ore., after Cruz accused him of ordering police to allow attacks against a conservative activist.

“To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists,” Cruz tweeted early Sunday, referring to Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is also the police commissioner.

Ted Wheeler has at times told the police to stand down and he has expressed quasi-support for the violent group of anarcho-communists. Wheeler lets this go on and on.

Cruz wants the media to do their job.

He also wants more people held accountable.

The U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, has referred the matter to the Justice Department.


Police didn’t protect journalist Andy Ngo who was recording a conservative prayer gathering when he was attacked. He was attacked several times but police didn’t take him seriously until he was beaten, bleeding, and covered with quick-drying cement milkshakes. Blame the Mayor for that.

They obviously aren’t milkshakes if they have cement comprised of lye in them.

The police weren’t around although Ngo told them he was being targeted. The media mocked Andy Ngo, calling him a snowflake and a crybaby.

The terror group has hundreds of chapters in colleges across the nation.

The domestic terror group was praised by Joe Biden, Keith Ellison, and other Democrats. The media has given their leaders air time and the NY Times wrote a glowing article about their cool clothes. Chris Cuomo launched a defense of the group.

You have fools like Maxine Waters and the NY Times encouraging violence and doxxing of conservatives and law enforcement. Let’s not forget restaurant owner Stephanie Wilkinson of the Red Hen who wants them banned from restaurants.

Go to the comments for this story on The Hill and you will find the left defending Antifa and attacking Ted Cruz.


There were several groups of Antifa at the prayer group and the Proud Boys, who did nothing wrong, multiple citizens and police officers were injured but only three people were arrested.

The cowards in the black masks said if they don’t like the milkshakes, they will start throwing bricks again.

The roving bands of Antifa, clad in black and wearing hoods or helmets with black face masks, attacked police, conservative demonstrators, and journalist Andy Ngo.

The Portland Police Bureau was forced to declare a civil disturbance and unlawful assembly, The Oregonian reported.

Protesters threw eggs, milkshakes, and other projectiles at the police officers tasked with keeping the peace during the demonstrations.

Police said some of the milkshakes that were thrown contained “a substance similar to quick-drying cement,” The Oregonian reported.

Quick-drying cement can cause chemical burns, even after it’s washed off.

On a positive note, Michelle Malkin started a ‘protect Andy Ngo’ Go Fund Me page and it’s over 134,000 in 24 hours.


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