Sen. Tester wants Dems to punch Trump in the face, then condemns hate speech


Sen. Jon Tester urged Democrats looking to beat Trump in the 2020 race to “punch him in the face” in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday.

He also accused Trump of embracing dictators. Actually, Obama did that with Castro, the Mullahs and the African dictators he feted at the White House Monster Ball.

These presidents have to do that to some degree or they won’t be able to deal with much of the world.

Tester is simply another dishonest leftist thug.

You can hear that on this clip:

The lawmaker tweeted a portion of his interview with Joe Scarborough, declaring that “we should be able to disagree on policy without this hateful rhetoric.”

But on the air, he had no problem spewing some “hateful’ and violent rhetoric of his own. He left that out in this clip.

President Trump campaigned against Tester in Montana but this was one he didn’t win. Tester is far-left all the way but says quite the opposite when he’s running for office.

  • We Montanan’s know him only too well..An overweight, uneducated son of a rancher..Blustering fool who destroyed a good man’s reputation just because Trump wanted him to head the V.A..He lied about hm then blamed his “people” for giving him the wrong information..It didn’t take fat boy long for his real “credentials” to show up.

  • The term “hate speech” has become as over used as the word “racism”. Both are intended to label or control any idea that disagrees with a liberal opinions. Realistically, so called hate speech is permitted under the Constituiton–regardless how egregious it may be. THE ONLY ACTION NOT ALLOWED UNDER THE FREE SPEECH CONCEPT IS LYING. LYING SUCH AS DEFAMATION OF SOME ONE’S CHARACTER,, SLANDER, PERTINENT FACTS, AND PROMOTING SEDITION, So called “hate speech” is always subject to another’s personal biased opinion. Those self righteous, holier than thou bastards who sit in their ivory tower proclaiming what is or is not hate speech are in violation the first amendent by attemptinng to censor and ediit others for challenging their own political purposes. To hell with the speech censors. Speak your mind honestly as long as you don’t lie.

    • 18 U.S. Code § 2384 and 2385. Seditious conspiracy. If you read the text of the law its interesting that this hasn’t been – or seemingly hasn’t been – brought to bear before. BTW, I do think Cliven Bundy and his gang “that couldn’t shoot straight” could’ve or should’ve been charged under this statute.

  • Any Montanans willing to threaten punching Tester in the face…oh, no…because he can say it but if you say it you will be arrested.

  • Geez, Democrats are a violent bunch. Even those in Congress. They’re the ones of need to have their 2nd Amendment rights taken away because they’re the ones who mostly abuse them.

    • When I lived in Montana, we had a good quality if Descent Elected Officials…..I don’t know how Tester squeezed in there…….