Sen Warren has a plan for confiscation of wealth & enforcement


The NY Times described Warren’s M4A plan (Medicare for All) and it’s a mystery as to how this works constitutionally. They wrote, “States and local government would be required to make payments to the federal government, similar to what they currently spend on government employee benefits and their share of Medicaid expenses. ($6.1 trillion).

The lawsuits will be many.

According to the latest Fox News poll, everyone beats President Trump, even people barely in the running or no longer running. Warren and Biden beat him. Warren’s an authoritarian and Biden is having significant difficulties. If the polls are accurate, we will soon be in the hands of socialists.

Warren plans to confiscate wealth and use the money for her pet projects. As part of her delusion, 607 billionaires* will be the only ones who will have their taxes raised. She also explained how she will collect these funds and this should matter to everyone since the billionaires will flee and take their marbles with them, leaving the rest of us to pick up the freight.

She will engage in “super-duper enforcement” using the feared and reviled IRS to do it. If she has problems confiscating the wealth of others, she will send out the IRS forces.

Correction: We originally put 248 billionaires, but US News reports there are 607 billionaires. We regret the error.

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Geraldo Verde
Geraldo Verde
4 years ago

Polls said 98% chance of Hillary winning too.
Pocahonky has as much chance as does Metho Th’Dork winning and he’s out already.

Elena McCoy
Elena McCoy
4 years ago

Look what they are concocting against the president, imagine what they could do to a regular person. In Europe a lady was accused of a fake crime, she been imprisoned for a little while, lost her successful business and lost her house and her health. After 7 years and beeing found not guilty in 7 charges, she’s still fighting an eight one.