Sen. Whitehouse’s Twitter Troll Recanted After Accusing Kavanaugh of Rape


Sen. Whitehouse got a Twitter troll on the phone — a Trump hating Rhode Islander — who accused Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge of raping his friend aboard his boat in 1985.

Instead of checking his twitter page to discover the caller is a nut, and instead of questioning him, which would have likely uncovered his vengeful motives, Whitehouse sent the crank call right to the Senate.

Judge Kavanaugh was questioned about it, denied it, and was dumbfounded by it. It was the second anonymous victim that day. The first anonymous victim has four anonymous witnesses. That left him incredulous as well. It was simply made up out of whole cloth.

The man’s name was redacted in the transcripts released to the public but the investigator quoted verbatim several outlandish anti-Trump tweets from the man’s Twitter account, allowing reporters to identify him on Twitter as “Jeffrey Catalan.”

According to the Daily Caller, on Wednesday night Catalan tweeted: “Do [sic] everyone who is going crazy about what I had said I have recanted because I have made a mistake and apologize for such mistake.”

It’s more than a mistake. He should be horsewhipped.

The New York Times provides the following information:

In another example of the frenzy surrounding Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, committee staff also questioned him about a constituent of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, who charged — and then recanted Wednesday night — that Judge Kavanaugh had raped a woman on a boat in 1985 in Newport, R.I.

In the interview with the committee, Judge Kavanaugh fiercely said that the episode never took place.

The transcript was released and the tweets weren’t eliminated. He was easily found, according to a number of people familiar with him.

Jeffrey has few friends following him but people on Twitter say he’s a well-known troll. How could anyone believe him, Twitter users asked.

Whitehouse hoped it was true, that’s how.

This is how we treat a highly-respected judge when he is nominated for the Supreme Court. The process has become a disgrace and the judge is being treated in a disgusting manner.

Thank a Democrat. This looks like a set up. The Democrats said they will do anything to stop the nominee and they will.

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