Senate Could Dismiss the Fake Impeachment


The Senate could dismiss the impeachment. Wouldn’t that be a rip? The problem is there might not be the votes for it even though this impeachment is unconstitutional. You can’t just make up crimes and that is what Democrats did.

After all the Democrat ranting about treason, bribery, extortion, quid pro quo, they settled on two non-crimes, the vague abuse of power charge for one. The second, obstruction of Congress, is ridiculous since the case contesting Congress’ jurisdiction to subpoena Executive Branch staff is in the courts — it’s an inter-branch dispute.

Democrats, like Al Green, have said they don’t need a crime to impeach the President. In fact, he plans to keep impeaching the President. He finds the President offensive and a racist.


However, no matter what Al Green says, Article II, Section 4 states, “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

President Trump has broken no law, and the Constitution requires a high crime and misdemeanor — both.

Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler made up crimes that have no chance of going anywhere.

Former federal prosecutor Robert Ray told Fox News, “My first reaction to that is despite what you just heard from Chairman Nadler, neither one of those is a high crime or misdemeanor. So we have not passed through an investigation over the course of the last several months where it’s not treason, it’s not bribery, it’s not extortion, it’s not a foreign an illegal foreign campaign violation it’s now whatever a majority of the House of Representatives that is controlled by the Democrats say it is, which is abuse of power, abuse of conduct and an inter-branch dispute.”

He recommends the Senate go for a “motion to dismiss.” Republicans are thinking of doing exactly that. That would make sense but there are some senators — Republican senators — who want the trial. It’s Mitt Romney’s dream.

The Senate is the final word in impeachment but no President has been impeached for non-crimes. This is a case the Supreme Court might hear.



Here are the New York and California leftists who are going to attempt to overthrow the vote of 63 million Americans they don’t like.

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