Senate Judiciary Report Finds No Evidence Against Justice Kavanaugh


According to a 414-page report released by the Senate Judiciary Committee, there is NO EVIDENCE to substantiate any of the claims of sexual assault made against Justice Kavanaugh. That includes ‘credible’ Blasey Ford.

The investigation was extensive and committee investigators spoke with 45 people and took 25 written statements to the many allegations made during the SCOTUS confirmation process, the report noted.

“In neither the committee’s investigation nor in the supplemental background investigation conducted by the FBI was there ANY evidence to substantiate or corroborate any of the allegations.”


One of the accuser’s Judy Munro-Leighton, a 70-year-old Kentucky woman, admitted that she concocted a false rape allegation against Kavanaugh — even though they had never met.

In her shocking confession, Munro-Leighton said she sent her anonymous letter to Democrat Senator Kamala Harris because she wanted attention.

“She later admitted that she was not the author of [the letter] and merely used it as a “ploy” to “get attention” and had never met Justice Kavanaugh.”

Judy Munro-Leighton is a retired left-wing history teacher who has regularly donated to the Democrat Party, the Heavy reported. Investigators found that she is a “left-wing activist” who is 17 years older than Kavanaugh.

Despite her sketchy, unsubstantiated rape claims, Kamala Harris and other Democrats publicized the hoax allegations and referred them to the FBI in a last-ditch attempt to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

Kamala and other Democrats did nothing to check the story and, instead, issued vile allegations based on the absurd claim.

The media ran with these unsubstantiated stories, promoted the left’s narrative without ever once investigating, and they ignored the violence of the left, turning a blind eye to the protesters being paid.

A left-wing Morning Consult/Politico survey found that 64% of voters say the press has divided the country, including 8 out of 10 Republicans, even 46 percent of Democrats. The majority of Democrats think President Trump is the divider but the majority of Republicans do not.


The Senate Judiciary Committee’s report also found no evidence to support the absurd “gang-rape” stories floated by left-wing grifters Julie Swetnick and her attorney, Michael Avenatti. The FBI is now investigating Swetnick and Avenatti. They are also investigating another case presented by Avenatti, claiming a woman backed up Swetnick’s story. The woman said Avenatti twisted her words and she does not back up Swetnick’s story.

“The evidence appears to support the position that Julie Swetnick and Mr. Avenatti criminally conspired to make materially false statements to the Committee and obstruct the Committee’s investigation,” the report concluded.

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