Senate Judiciary Vote on Brett Kavanaugh Is In


Kavanaugh was moved out of committee but an FBI probe looms.

Jeff Flake said he was voting for Kavanaugh with the understanding that Republican colleagues would support a one-week delay on the floor vote to give the FBI time to investigate.

Flake is good friend with the far-left Chris Coons. Flake’s a disgrace. He ran as a Republican and he’s always been a Democrat.

Lisa Murkowski just joined with Jeff Flake.

This means more damage will be done to Judge Kavanaugh with no evidence.

Most Democrats walked out earlier in the day during the hearing to confirm.

Cory Booker and Kamala Harris led the walkout and claimed they have incredible evidence that Judge Kavanaugh is guilty. Ironically, they have NO evidence.

Democrats walked out because they didn’t like what they heard. This is what our Democrats have reduced themselves to.

They are walking out once again as Kavanaugh is moved out of committee.

Sen. Whitehouse was clear. He feels the court leaning right instead of left is unacceptable.


Fox News. com reported the sex crimes prosecutor hired to question Brett Kavanaugh and accuser Christine Blasey Ford at Thursday’s hearing told senators it would not hold up in a courtroom, which should be obvious to everyone. She would not charge Kavanaugh, she said.

What is obvious from this Democrat hot mess is Democrats do not honor the Constitution, presumption of innocence, due process, or democratic processes. Some of the most tainted Democrats, like fake Vietnam war hero Richard Blumenthal, are blasting Judge Kavanaugh as a liar — without evidence — while Democrats admit they are out to stop any Republican nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States.

Mrs. Ford was very sympathetic but not honest and not credible as far as Judge Kavanaugh is concerned despite the media assertions that she was. She made statements during the testimony that were not true.

Today, Senator Blumenthal tried to get Republicans to subpoena Mark Judge — another delaying tactic. Republicans refused. It’s wonderful to see so many do get it and have the guts to take it on. Not appointing Judge Kavanaugh would only embolden them. It will get worse with each nominee.

Democrats sent sexual assault victims to the Senate to confront Jeff Flake. They are bullies.


Democrats have every intention of moving to impeachment if he is confirmed this week by the full Senate. Many have called for his impeachment if he’s confirmed.

Brian Fallon came right out and said it last night. It’s at fever pitch.

Fallon runs Demand Justice, a Democratic dark money group dedicated to opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation. They previously called for Kavanaugh to be impeached from his current position on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Democrats could get violent.


Personal information of Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch were posted by an unknown person located in the House of Representatives on Thursday during the hearing of Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The information, which included home addresses and phone numbers, was posted – or doxxed – on the senators’ respective Wikipedia pages. Wiki is a joke. Any user can update information at any time. The information has been used but the damage is done.

One thing is certain, a Democrat did it. They’re unhinged.



  1. I just had a thought. The majority of “background checks” on people are generally for “national security” purposes. Since there is no Federal Crime involved can they actually perform this type of check.

  2. What a joke this has turned into, I would love to see justice Kavanaugh swear in Trump for his second term in 2020, the Dems heads exploding would be worth it!!!!!!

  3. Ford was hardly credible. She made an accusation for which she offered absolutely no evidence. She arrogantly refuses to say when or where it happened. She refuses to say how she got there or how she got home. The people she claimed as witnesses all have filed sworn statements swearing under the penalty of perjury that it never happened. Ford was hardly credible.

  4. Do the Democrats expect the FBI to issue subpoenas if someone, as Mark Judge, decides not to be interviewed. I hope they are NOT THAT ignorant. The FBI cannot issue a subpoena on a background check. It is NOT a criminal investigation. Or, are they agreeing this IS a criminal investigation, rather than a “job interview”.

    It looks like the dominoes are starting to fall. More Senators are agreeing to the FBI involvement, and Trump is signalling he is willing. The ONLY way this works for Republicans is for Trump to limit to the Ford equation.

  5. As I wrote Chairman Grassley, if we are going to scrutinize the “veracity” of Judge Kavanaugh it is only appropriate to scrutinize Ford.

  6. This is an unmitigated Disaster. FFFFFlake, as someone posted, didn’t just ask for an investigation into Ms Ford’s situation but ALL accusations that the Committee has thus far received. That means at least the two others. I quit listening to Booker so I don’t know if his accusers statements were entered into the record. If they were, then they too would probably be investigated.

    The issue is the FBI will basically gather all the relevant statements and submitted to the Committee. We can ALL imagine all the salacious info they will contain. I’m assuming what the Senate would receive is the typical “raw” data they collect. Given what we’ve seen reported it will give the Democrats even More incentive to mount obstruction never before seen.

    I emailed the Communications Director for Chairman Grassley with the 2012 Planned Parenthood ad.

    Also there was a report that the building permit for Ford’s house was issued in 2008, whereas she testified it was in 2012. We’ll see if that amounts to anything.

  7. The Democrats have no intention period of the Judge reaching the Supreme Court, they went for the weakest link on the chain and broke him down to their wishes, this is the danger in electing RINO’s to positions of power.

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