Senate Votes on Hagel Nomination Today – Update



Update: 6 PM: Senate Republicans have held up Chuck Hagel’s nomination to lead the Pentagon, marking the first time the chamber has successfully filibustered a Cabinet nominee — the Senate is expected to take up the nomination at a later date.

Original Story: and the far left have been very harsh in their criticisms of Republicans for their opposition to the nomination of Chuck Hagel.

Democrats support him for political reasons while ignoring his abysmal performance and the misinformation he doled out during his confirmation hearing:

via GOP Response

During the hearings, he said that there were no other transcripts or videos of his private speeches. However, several have popped up on the Internet.

This is one:

And another:

Iran is happy about Hagel’s nomination but there is no official word from Israel.

The nomination is now before the full Senate. Harry Reid began by saying Republicans will filibuster Hagel’s nomination. He then proceeded to demonize them for it.

Levin and Leahy have just given a strong defense of the nomination.

More later.

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