Senator Bob Menendez in Another Democratic Crazy Sex Poodle Scandal


Two high-priced call girls in the Dominican Republic, speaking through an interpreter and their lawyer, alleged that they went to spend some quality time with Bob Menendez (aka Bob to the hookers) at the pricey resort he was staying in this past Easter. The only problem for them is that they were promised $500 and were only given $100 by the cheapskate Bob. [Daily Caller]

Daily Caller video

Bob wants to become chair of the foreign relations committee. He seems to be into having relations with foreigners which might give him a heads up for the job.

Bob is single and he is allowed to pay for hookers so that is not the problem so much as the risk to national security. Did he have his phone, his computer, or other confidential documents with him? I’d like to know.

There is also the abject hypocrisy. Bob is the one who sanctimoniously called for the firing of the secret service agents who galavanted around South America with call girls and then cheated them out of their fees.

When Bob was asked what he thought about the secret service scandal by NJ Today Online, he said:

“If the facts are true, they should all be fired. The reality is is that the secret service not only protects the president of the United States, they represent the United States of America. They were on duty. If the facts are true as we are reading in the press, they shouldn’t have a job.”

When asked about the agents who said they have not been adequately funded, Menendez doubled down on his response saying, “I don’t think that’s an excuse. You know what your duty and obligation is. You know you’re there to protect the president. You know you’re there representing the United States of America. You don’t go and solicit prostitutes.” Several days after this interview six secret service agents were fired over the scandal. [WaPo]

Bob might have some serious character flaws if the allegations prove true. If they are true, it’s doubtful we will ever know. Let the coverup begin.

A former neighbor told the lib website Gawker that Bob had loud sex with different women every night in his DC apartment. Al Gore could lose his title as crazed sex poodle to Bob.

Senator Menenedez finds the accusations “disgusting” when we have been hit by a disastrous hurricane. Nice deflection technique.

The left is outraged at the accusation but there was no such outrage when Herman Cain was accused of numerous affairs for the three years he was in Chicago. [Interestingly, all those accusations disappeared once he pulled out of the race…fancy that]

Maybe Menendez shouldn’t be so cheap and maybe he should sound proof his apartment. Better yet, maybe he should resign.

I’d say there is some kind of ethics violation here but he’s a Democrat.



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