Senator Chuck Schumer Is Absolutely Useless, Rants About Comey Firing


Senator Chuck Schumer spoke about the firing of FBI Director James Comey this afternoon as if he lost his best friend. He, and his buddies in the Democrat Party, are afraid the fake Russian investigation will be impeded in some way.

Schumer is demanding a special prosecutor for the Russia investigation. Funny how he never called for a special prosecutor in the Benghazi affair or Fast & Furious case.

The Democrat talking point is that the timing is unacceptable. The media and every Democrat is repeating it, despite the fact that they wanted Comey fired.

In his tweet, Schumer is upset that Democrat operatives in the DoJ were fired. Sally Yates was fired because she refused to follow the President’s orders. Preet Bharara, a close ally of Chuck Schumer’s, needed to go.

Chuck Schumer lost confidence in Jim Comey back in November according to what he himself said.

The White House is handing out previous comments made by Senator Schumer, the Senate minority leader – see below.

Schumer is useless. He wants to know “why now?” The reason it is now is because Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, was only appointed the end of April thanks to delays by the Democrats. It’s also very possible they only now obtained the documents relating to the Clinton investigation.

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6 years ago

Chucky you are an asshole!

Richard Maxson
Richard Maxson
6 years ago

FBI Director James Comey was the chief law enforcement officer charged with investigating the Clinton e-mail scandal. He led that investigation and concluded that she did in fact violate the letter of the law but that she wouldn’t be charged by any “reasonable prosecutor” because she lacked the mental competence to formulate intent. In short, Comey maintained that Clinton as U.S Secretary of State and a presidential candidate was incompetent and didn’t know what she was doing.

Comey was the investigator looking into the Clinton matter, he was not empowered to decide whether the case should be prosecuted or not. He made a political decision to protect his boss Attorney General Loretta Lynch. He by his proclamation ended the case. He should have gathered the evidence and passed it on to Lynch and she should have made the determination to prosecute or not. He did not want his boss Lynch – a Clinton supporter and prominent career Democrat – to be left to take the political heat and responsibility for the choice no matter what her decision turned out to be.
His actions were unprecedented and intrinsically anti-democratic. Good riddance.

6 years ago

All part of a well orchestrated war on Trump by the democrats and the leftist media.

Wonder if they’ve been smart enough to not email their plans around?