Senator Flake Wants Progressive to Win in Alabama, Says We’re “Toast” If Moore Wins


Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona was caught on hot mic telling the Mesa Mayor John Giles: “We become the party of Moore and Trump, we are toast.”

Giles said he would like to point out “…what an idiot this guy is.”

The Mesa mayor then told Flake he should run for President, “I am not just blowing smoke at you but you are the guy that could, just for fun…think how…you know, any way, hope you do it.”

We can conclude that Flake and the mayor are rooting for Doug Jones, the far-left opponent of Roy Moore’s in Alabama. We can also conclude that the mayor is no bright light if he wants Flake to run with his 18% popularity in his home state of Arizona. All he would do is destroy the Republicans’ chances in the 2020 presidential election.

It’s time for RINOs like Flake to leave the Republican Party. They’re not Republicans.

It would be very easy to condemn Roy Moore. He has some quirks and what he is accused of is creepy and appalling, however, he is presumed innocent in this country, or at least that is what we used to believe. It is what we allegedly represent, even when it’s hard. If Moore is a creep, he can be removed, but if Alabama gets the Progressive, that can’t be good for the state.

Moore has kept the support of the Alabama GOP, Mo Brooks’ district and Alabama Governor Kay Ivey.

Governor Kay Ivey said on Friday that while she has no reason to disbelieve the woman, she will cast her vote for the party’s nominee. “I will cast my ballot on December 12th. And I do believe the nominee of the party is who I’ll vote for. Yes, I’m proud to vote. And I hope every Alabamian will be proud to cast their vote… Everybody needs to make sure they vote on December 12th. I’ll cast my ballot… The United States Senate, in my opinion, has to have a majority of Republican votes to carry the day when they have to consider other major decisions,” she said.

That is the bottom line. The opponent is not a Democrat, he’s a Progressive.

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