Senator Blames Fossil Fuels for Refugees, Syria, Oysters, Moose Dying


Senator Jeff Merkley thinks fossil fuels are responsible for oysters and moose dying and not repopulating. He blamed the Syrian civil war and the migration of 4 million refugees on global warming. This was during his grilling of Rex Tillerson, the former Exon CEO, nominated for secretary of state. Merkley ended by scolding Tillerson for not agreeing with his extreme view of climate change.

“One of the things I’ve seen in my time here in the Senate as we’ve gone from talking about models in the future to talking about what’s happening on the ground right now, in my state the forests are burning at a much faster rate due to pine expansion and additional heat and dryness.

Over on the coast, the oysters are having trouble reproducing because the ocean is 30% more acidic than before we started burning fossil fuels. In senator Sha hee N’s state, the moose are dying because of the ticks.

I think accurately the lowest average land level in the country and very concerned about the advancing sea level and storms and experience that in hurricane Sandy. So, every one of us in our states are seeing effects on the ground. As we see that, we know we’re just at the beginning of these impacts, they’re getting worse each year. But we are also viewing often climate change as a national security issue. And since you believe — so, I wanted to ask, do you see it as a national security issue?”

The senator asked Tillerson if he saw the threat as a national security issue. He’s the same person who thinks the open borders are not a security issue.

“I don’t see it as the imminent national security threat that perhaps others do.”

Soon after Tillerson made that statement, Merkley scolded him, saying condescendingly, “I am sorry to it hear that view point. It is overwhelmingy on one side of the argument and I hope you will look at the scientific literature and take it seriously.”

Merkley then blamed the civil war in Syria on global warming.

“One of the things that’s noted is how the changing climate in the Middle East concentrated Syrian villages into the towns and sparked the civil war that has now produced something like 4 million and counting refugees, having profound impacts on European securities. And that would be an example. Is that something you’ve looked at or considered to be real or perhaps misleading or any thoughts in that regard?

The next clip is the entire segment with the scolding.

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7 years ago

Merkley certainly has drunk the Kool-Aid. Embarrassment that he is from my state.