Senator Grassley Slams AG Sessions in a Tweet


It is hard for many to believe, but our government and our media are corrupt. We are engaged in a constitutional crisis. All this is going on at a time when we have a weak Attorney General. His recusal from the Russia probe was the result of him caving to the screaming mimis. It has caused utter chaos.

The top law enforcement officer in the nation seems to be doing nothing about any of the obvious crimes. He won’t even prosecute felonies we know have been committed.

He won’t give Congress the information they request and are entitled to. AG Sessions is obstructing Congress as they attempt to provide oversight of his agency.

When Rod Rosenstein was exposed for approving one of the FISA applications based on the garbage dossier, Jeff Sessions came out publicly to praise him. When Sessions agreed to look into the handling of the Hillary Clinton exoneration, he stated that he was fairly certain he would find nothing.

Calls for him to resign coming from Congress and the public are growing.

We like Jeff Sessions very much but this isn’t the job for him.

Currently, our leaders do not follow the rule of law and there are two systems of justice. If we hope to continue to exist as a Republic, this must change and soon.

Sessions is more concerned about MS-13 than he is about all the corruption in his own agency. He should have asked to be in charge of the Department of Homeland Security.


He has also found time to interfere with the bipartisan criminal justice reforms and it has Senator Grassley hopping mad. Sessions sent the committee a warning letter that the reform will put dangerous criminals back on the street. It isn’t sitting well with Grassley.

It’s not Sessions’ job for one thing, and for another, Grassley put himself out to get Sessions through committee in the Senate. His point is Sessions should have run for the Senate if he wanted to legislate. We would have a Republican in the Senate and he could legislate if that is what he wants to do.

Grassley has been working on this bipartisan reform for two years.

He slammed Sessions in a tweet today, putting him in his place. If someone could do the same with judges who legislate from the bench, we might be able to restore the separation of powers.



  1. I have come to believe Sessions was so embattled in his confirmation hearing that he fears “rocking the boat”, especially with the hostile Democrats.

    Grassley also mentions how he has fought for nominations in the Senate, including his, and probably thinks, This is what I get for sticking my neck out for you. As he also stated, that when talk of Trump came out about firing Sessions it was Grassley who said he would not hold hearings to confirm another AG. THIS really goes to the character of a man. After all this, what does it say of a man who turns their back on you.

  2. Sessions was the 1st major congressman to support Trump. Now it appears that Sessions is a plant. A saboteur embedded deep within Trumps administration. None of this would be happening if he had not recused himself. And he picked Rosenstien of all people? This was well planned!

    • If we wrote a story about this as fiction and changed the names, the reader would assume it is a story about criminal corruption. Sessions has chosen to act against his nation. He will go into retirement as a reviled, disgraced person.

  3. I have been calling for Sessions to be sacked since the recusal. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    Ag has long been Sessions’ dream job. He is either too much a coward to do his job or is covering for his deep state buddies.

    If we do not get an AG in there to disinfect the FBI, CIA, DOJ, HLS this crisis of confidence will never end. The survival of our constitutional republic hands by a thread

    • Sessions’ removal is long overdue. It’s not important to debate what his motivations are. We should be debating how to remove him. Based on what he has done, not done, said, not said, … he is corrupt. We don’t need to prove that, his supporters need to prove the opposite.

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