Senator John McCain Launches Another Attack Against President Trump


Sen. John McCain is at it again. This week he said that he got along better with Barack Obama than with the Trump administration. There’s a shocker! He was also out attacking the President over the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Niger, accusing the President of hiding something.

McCain argued Wednesday that the Trump administration is not being forthcoming about the attack in Niger that left four US soldiers dead and two wounded.

Asked if he thinks Congress should launch an investigation into the attack, as chairman of the Senate armed services committee, he told reporters that first he would like to get the information that his panel “deserves and needs.”

“Then you decide whether a quote investigation is needed or not,” he said. Pressed further on whether the administration was being up front about the ISIS-affiliated attack, McCain answered bluntly: “No.”

He hasn’t said one word about the Russia-Clinton-Obama administration collusion scandal but he is quick to attack the President with no evidence.

McCain may have been a hero once, decades ago, but all he is now is a globalist hack. Look at who his friends are: Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, the MSM, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and the like.

It was McCain who arranged for the Russian dossier to be brought to the FBI and he possibly arranged for the funding. In the least, he brokered the deal. It was used to unmask the Trump team and discredit the entire administration.

McCain dispatched a former State Department official, David Kramer, to fly to London in late-November to retrieve a copy of the dossier from a former British spy named Steele who was paid to do opposition research. The information he obtained primarily came from Russian spies in the Kremlin.

He later shared the dossier with then-FBI Director James Comey during a meeting in December.

Kramer worked in the Hillary Clinton State Department and is senior director for the McCain Institute for International Leadership.

The McCain Institute has taken very large donations from George Soros and Clinton’s bagman Doug Band.

McCain became friends with Soros during the “Keating Five” savings and loan debacle.

McCain appears to have a heavy hand in the spreading of the alleged Russia-Trump collusion tale.

It was his dramatic thumbs down on Obamacare that got him hugs and accolades from the furthest left of the Democrats in the Senate.

As chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services he has used his position to stop the confirmation of candidates for positions desperately needed by the Pentagon because the administration has not laid out the plan they are implementing in Afghanistan and Iraq. He had no problem with Obama’s lack of a plan of any kind.

McCain’s assault on Trump and Trump supporters last week was to blast the idea of “America First” and to promote his open borders policies.

Now he has a new conspiracy theory about Niger based on no evidence.

He hates Trump, conservatives and libertarians. He will do anything to hurt Trump and his supporters. When he was asked if he will oppose everything Trump proposes by reporter Peter Doocy, McCain went off into one of his rants asking him why he would ask such a “stupid” question, something so “dumb”.

Doocy is lucky he wasn’t called a “whacko bird”.

McCain never really answered the question. Most people believe McCain is hateful towards the right and President Trump. If it’s not revenge, what is it? He’s not a “maverick”, he’s a vicious opponent of his own party’s agenda.

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