Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Demands We Put Middle Eastern Families First



We can’t vet the refugees. We know that is a fact from our intelligence agencies. Our very unintelligent Senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, insists we send a lot more money to help the EU to deal with refugees but more importantly, she wants us to put Middle Eastern families first and bring these refugees into the United States.

How many is Kirsten taking into her home? I haven’t heard yet.


This is the scene on the Austria-Slovenia border and it could easily be the U.S. if we listen to the Democrats in Congress.



    • You are absolutely correct… Dumb as a box of rocks. Can you believe the NRA rated her an A when she was campaigning??? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!

  1. Maybe those who elected here need to have a recall election. I think our citizens should be first and the last thing we need is more Muslims. No matter what they say, their Comic Book requires them to kill us non believers.

    • obummer( LOSER) wants to import thousands of the muslim scum to the USA…..And guess who gets to pay for their housing,bills,food, and support???!!— WE DO!!!…..odummy has to take care of his people, via OUR expense…:(

  2. And the stupid people of New York who keep putting these idiots in office again and again should take these people in. Then we can have another 9-11.

    • John where are you from? Last time I checked there were all kinds of idiots in congress and the senate(both sides of the aisle) and they come from every state. You cant blame it on all the people of NY… this state is overrun with bloodsucking liberals and there are some conservatives still here trying to hold down the fort…how about a little support instead of blame.

  3. First of all WHO PAYS YOU B ? Americans first take care of vets , homeless any American that needs help. It should be a wake up call to see what is going on in UK ….THESE SO CALLED REFUGEES ARE TROUBLE MAKERS.

  4. How do you separate the good muslims from the bad muslims ? I would slow down the line to the same extent and care that Israel takes before boarding a muslim on el Al Airlines. Even then, every muslim is a risky proposition to become radicalized.
    Remember the Boston Marathon ! Let the ” good ” muslims eradicate the bad muslims. I’d get behind that !

  5. Why didn’t the single young men who are coming by the tens of thousands join a militia or army in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, or Iraq and fight for their rights instead of running away. Why are we putting at risk our patriotic young men and women to fight when they won’t?

  6. I’m a Veteran still fighting for benefits and these dickkhead politicians want to finance 100,000 Syrian Refugess because they have no place to go. Sen them bullets and ammo and go back to Syria and fight for hat you want

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