Senator Lee Zeldin Discusses the Military Pension Cuts, Where’s Tim?



State Senator Lee Zeldin is vying for a seat in Congress, a seat currently held by the far-left Congressman Tim Bishop. Bishop is a staunch Obamacare advocate and will hopefully run on his advocacy in 2014.

Tim Bishop likes to appear more moderate than he is and often claims to be a supporter of the troops. However, he recently voted for a cut to their pensions and their pay when the fy2014 budget came up for a vote. He made no utterance against it.

Bishop often gets away with keeping his views quiet by saying little, which is why Long Islanders need to start looking at his voting record.

All military under age 62 lost a percentage of their COLA, the only ones to have experienced a change like this to their pay. In time for Christmas Day, they were also told that their 1.8% raises were reduced to 1% each year for the next three years.

Senator Zeldin gave his opinion on the cuts in military pensions on Fox & Friends in the video below.


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