Senator McCain Celebrates Memorial Day with Syrian Rebels (Al Qaeda)



Senator McCain spent Memorial Day meeting with the Syrian rebels in the war-torn country. The rebels said they found it very useful.

No doubt!

Syria’s General Salem Idris, who leads the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army, told the Daily Beast that it comes at a time when they want to push the US into supplying military aid.

The Free Syrian Army is openly supportive of Al Qaeda. Read about the different factions on this link.

Al Qaeda has merged with the rebels in Syria and it is impossible to separate them. In fact, the Nusra faction is said to have collapsed and al Qaeda is in charge.

The most fearsome fighting force was the Islamist Nusra Front which has a national agenda but it has split into two Nusras, one that has fallen apart and another that is an al Qaeda front. They are being eclipsed by an even more radical jihadi group from Iraq who want an Islamist state in Syria. The Iraqi group is comprised of the same people who fought our own soldiers on the battlefield.

We are supporting these two groups. In other words, we are supporting al Qaeda in this fight. McCain would like us to provide military aid to the Syrian rebels despite the fact that they want to form an Islamist state if they win.

McCain himself is indistinguishable from a wacko bird.

McCain did the same thing in Libya when that conflict began and we know how that turned out.

Russia and Hezbollah have joined forces with Assad.

Chemical weapons are being unleashed on the people and each side blames the other. Ninety-thousand people have died so far in this conflict.

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