Senator McCain Condemns Memo as an Attack on FBI/DoJ, HUH?


Senator John McCain has released a strong statement condemning release of the FISA abuse memo. McCain sees the release as an attack on the FBI and DoJ. It serves Putin’s interests, he claims. Is he correct or is releasing the truth warranted?

Keep in mind that Russia influencing our elections is a very serious issue separate and apart from the collusion/obstruction narrative. Also keep in mind that the FISA warrants were obtained illicitly and McCain was a part of the entire affair because he obtained one copy of the dossier and gave it the FBI.

We have yet to see the FBI statement in response to the FISA abuse memo or see Adam Schiff’s counter memo, but, given that, it appears the entire Russia investigation was driven by deceitfully obtained FISA warrants.

Tom Fitton describes the memo as serving up a “devastating blow.” Listen to his analysis.

Tom Fitton wants the release of the underlying intelligence because there will now be dueling interpretations. The information can be easily declassified.

It would be good to know if all the people unmasked were because of the dossier, this poison tree.


Prior to the release, so-called Republican and Trump hater tweeted:

McCain is desperate to keep the Mueller investigation going. Why? What do you think of this response from the ailing senator?

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