Senator McConnell Rips Into Nancy Pelosi


“If the Senate blesses this historically low bar, we will invite the impeachment of every future President.”

The Senate Majority Leader accused the House Democrats of succumbing to partisan rage. The vote did not reflect what had happened, just what they feel, he said. He called Nancy Pelosi’s behavior “comical,” adding they’re getting “cold feet.”

“The failed inquiry, the slapdash impeachment” is “constitutionally incoherent.” It is an outcome of one party will not accept the peoples’ choice.

He called it a historic failure of the House to do their job.

“The Senate’s duty is clear when the time comes, we must fulfill it,” he concluded.

We have added a video of the live event:



  1. I thought Sen McConnell gave an excellent education to the Dems on what the framers framed about impeachment, he exposed their hate for trump, now Sen Chuck the Schmuk is on the floor crying about McConnell’s speech

  2. Mitch also is part of a historic failure of the senate to do its job. It’s unprecedented for a majority leader to allow a president of his party to be constantly attacked, illegally spied on, … and do nothing, amidst a vast criminal conspiracy against the president that Mitch could have easily investigated.

    Now, Mitch gets to play hero, while doing nothing, and ensuring his reelection.

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