Senator Rand Paul Eviscerates an Angry Anti-Trump Wolf Blitzer


Communist Bernie Sanders has been out bashing the President with the rest of the Democrats and NeverTrumpers over his presser with Russian President Putin on Monday. Sanders actually tweeted, “It is a bad day for people in the United States and all over the world who believe in democracy and who are trying to understand what world our idiot president lives in.”

It’s a bad day for our Republic that this idiot Communist is allowed to sit as a senator.

Senator Rand Paul more than made up for the majority of them. He has been giving interviews non-stop since yesterday.


Wolf Blitzer pretended he was interviewing Senator Rand Paul today but he was actually trying to battle with him over the President’s comments about Russians and their possible hacking of servers.

Paul talked about Trump Derangement Syndrome and Blitzer denied there was such a thing.

Blitzer tried to shut him down but that didn’t work as Paul eviscerated him. Paul is courageous.

It’s important to mention that President Trump never mentioned Russian interference. He was not attacking the Intelligence community, he attacked the narrative. The FBI never saw the original servers of the hacked email servers.

What President has ever been forced to suffer this kind of abuse? It’s unconscionable and he never gets the benefit of the doubt.

No, President Trump Did Not Slam Intel Agencies in Putin Presser


  1. assuming Russia really did interfere with the election, they did so to sow the seeds of disunity, distrust ,and
    dissent. they have succeeded.
    the left, guided by the Russian model, if not the Russians themselves, have taken over our education system, entertainment community, and made in roads into out religious institutions, and our government.
    there is little left to foment a civil war except to drive a few more wedges a little deeper. if the sheeple do not wake up and stand behind trump, and others who want to “make America great again” there will be no America at all.
    trump may well be playing three dimentional chess while the left is playing general store checkers.
    we are expected to accept the trump campaign’s word that it was the Russians who hacked their servers and outed the shameful information which swayed the election. now trump can demand Mueller suponea those servers to prove one way or the other who hacked them. if he does that, hillery et. al. are in serious trouble, with no reasonable way to extract themselves

  2. Hey Bernie/Wolfie,So, if the ‘intelligence’ services knew about this ‘interference’ in 2016 (under Obama’s watch) why did’t they DO anything about it?……..Oh I get it, its a big problem now because Trump won!

  3. When these talking head media people feel like they’re losing an argument, they simply start talking OVER their interview, not allowing them to further the argument. It makes for awful TV but at least these insecure TV hosts can block out any perception of losing the argument. Weak Wolf just got taken off his 1pm show and is losing his grip. He’s getting old right in front of our eyes.

  4. I wish someone would tell Blitzer and the rest that the DOJ / FBI, Mueller, and the media are doing far far more to “undermine our democracy” than Russia could ever hope to. This past hysteria is another indication of its continuance.

    Let’s not forget how the media were tacitly supporting violent actions against Trump supporters.

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