Send In the Communists, Don’t Bother They’re Here


Democrats idea of choice

The Tea Party crowd are the last remaining real Americans, who still believe in the Founding Father’s principles that America is the Land of the Free and not the Land of the Freebie.

They are the last remaining line of freedom fighters still fighting to keep 234 years of freedom intact by defending the Constitution! You know, that “pesky” little piece of paper that protects the rights of every single American citizen, which has been discarded under the Obama regime.

The Tea Party patriots emerged from a long sleep when they realized that Barack Barry Soetoro Obama’s policies mirrored those of socialism.

The mainstream media, owned by one of the world’s richest communist, George Soros, had his minions jump in to protect Obama by demonizing the Tea Party patriots, labeling them racists and radicals in order to  mask Obama’s hard-left policies.

Under Obama’s regime we watched as Americans were forced to purchase healthcare, aka Obamacare, against their will.  If you don’t have health insurance, you will have to pay a fine to the IRS.  Freedom of choice is gone.

Under the Obama regime, we watched as he stood by and did nothing to rescue four Americans under attack in Benghazi. He and his staff, along with the mainstream media, blamed a video for the attack on our Libyan embassy.

Even after the truth about the attacks was revealed, Obama and his cohorts shrugged their shoulders and declared, “what difference…at this point…does it make”.

Even as bad as Carter was, he worked like the devil to free American hostages during the Iranian hostage crisis and lost his bid to be re-elected because of it. But he did everything in his power to save American lives because that’s the job of an American President!

What did Obama do? He refused to pick up that 3 am call for help and left four Americans to die on his watch. Yet, he was re-elected in a landslide. Times have surely changed and not for the better, I fear.

Throughout the history of America, Americans have waged war against tyranny, tyrants and communists. Now we vote them into office. By way of example, in November 2013, Seattle voters knowingly elected a communist-socialist to city council for the first time in modern history.

Her platform was to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, develop more affordable housing, and tax the rich to pay their fair share.

New Yorkers have also elected a communist-socialist, who proudly claims that he is the one. He too won in a landslide, all because he promised the people that he would tax the rich to pay for “free” pre-K schooling!

Redistribution of wealth is all the people hear and they think that means more money will somehow end up in their pockets. Wrong! It just means Big Government is taking more money for themselves. Under redistribution of wealth, the government gets richer and the people get poorer!

Do the knuckleheads who vote for these people not get simple math? If minimum wage is $15.00 then the price of commodities rises too!

Once upon a time, our past American presidents and elected officials stood steadfast against the evils of the world. Now they are the evil ones that attack American citizens who won’t walk lockstep with the New World Order called Big Government.

We have the IRS targeting conservatives during the last election cycle because they dared to speak out against the government; we have the NSA spying on citizens probably to make sure they are not speaking out against the government; we have governor Andrew Cuomo telling conservative Republicans to get the hell out of New York if they cannot “conform” to the New World Order; and we have so-called American citizens electing communists into office!

Even after history has proven time and time again that communism is a complete failure.

Communism is a classless, moneyless, structured society where the few who are in charge dictate to the masses. It’s called slavery.

These fools, voting for communism because they are blinded by getting “free” things, fail to see that they are losing their “freedom”!!!

I’m afraid that the flame of freedom will be extinguished in my lifetime, if We The People, don’t wake up to the fact that the communists are already here and ruling over our lives.

In the old America, we used to kill communists and in the new America we elect them into office. Generations of Americans have died fighting for freedom so that our parents could pass it along to us but I am left to wonder what will the next generation of Americans do with it? Their actions indicate that they would rather have freebies handed to them from big government than have the chance to live free.

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