Senior Biden Official: Ukraine’s Too Corrupt to Join NATO


According to a senior US official speaking anonymously to the Telegraph, Ukraine is too corrupt to join NATO.

We are told Ukraine is saving democracy, and we’ve given them over $100 billion. We are treating them almost like a NATO country with a proxy war.

The official told the Telegraph that additional steps must be taken before formal membership talks move ahead.

When they attempted to join the EU, the EU Commission said that “corruption remains a serious challenge.

Zelensky fired six deputy defense ministers to try to stop corruption. He didn’t say publicly how that helped conquer corruption.

“We have to step back and applaud everything that Ukraine has done in the name of reforms over the last two-plus years,” the source told the Telegraph.

“As they continue to make those reforms, we want to commend them; we want to talk about additional steps that need to be taken, particularly in the area of anti-corruption. It is a priority for many of us around the table,” the source said.

NATO has given Ukraine a list of reforms.  Apparently, the reforms don’t include holding elections.

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