Senior WH Aides Are Allegedly Trashing Trump After “Leaker” Bannon Is Sent Packing


Steve Bannon had to go according to the murmurings out of the White House and some on Capitol Hill. It is being reported that he was THE leaker and was undermining the President. Whether that’s true or not, we can’t say, but there are leakers on the senior staff who are allegedly making the President look insane, capable of making wildly outrageous decisions. Unfortunately, for the people who voted for him, those decisions are the ones supporters want him to make.

In an interview with radio host John Catsimatidis aired Sunday on “The Cats Roundtable,” New York Republican Rep. Pete King said Bannon was part of the “internal skirmishing and fighting” that had to end.

“The White House has just not been functioning. There’s been leaks coming out, one faction is undermining another,” King said. He praised John Kelly and added that “Unfortunately, Steve Bannon had become a part of the problem.”

Look which side won and what the other leakers are saying about Trump – allegedly.


As Tucker Carlson said, the people remaining look like a staff that would be comfortable working for Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton.


Bannon is accused of being, not only a leaker, but the leaker. Yet, it wasn’t Steve Bannon who suggested Trump is insane and not as evil as he seems. It was – allegedly – senior White House staff who told former Politico writer and Axios editor Tim Allen:

So why do the others stay? We talked to a half dozen senior administration officials, who range from dismayed but certain to stay, to disgusted and likely soon to leave. They all work closely with Trump and his senior team so, of course, wouldn’t talk on the record. Instead, they agreed to let us distill their thinking/rationale:

“You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill”: The most common response centers on the urgent importance of having smart, sane people around Trump to fight his worst impulses. If they weren’t there, they say, we would have a trade war with China, massive deportations, and a government shutdown to force construction of a Southern wall.

Other reasons these Trump staff gave is “General Mattis needs us”; “Trump’s not as evil as portrayed”; and “we like the power” though Allen admits no one comes out and says they like the “intoxicating” and “ego-stroking” power.

It sounds like Trump’s problems haven’t gone away and perhaps magnified with the departure of Steve Bannon.


The former chief strategist has declared the Trump presidency his supporters voted for is dead. He still supports Trump and is fighting for him, he insists.

Bannon is working with hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer to create a Fox News rival to widen his platform. Roger Ailes intended to start a network with Bannon. It could be a TV network or online streaming only. Bannon wants it to go global.

He has promised to fight the President’s enemies, some of whom are – obviously – on his staff. The “West Wing Democrats”, as he calls them are in his sights: economic adviser Gary Cohn, Jared and Ivanka (“Javanka,” as he calls them) and Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell.

Steve Mnuchin is also a Democrat in the White House but doesn’t get mentioned as a subversive. He recently responded to his former classmates at Duke who told him to quit after Trump’s alleged support of the Nazis and KKK. Mnuchin, a Jew, explained that Trump is not an anti-Semite.

The latest uproar over Charlottesville has trampled the Russia stories. It is said that the Mueller investigation will wind up before the end of the year. It was always fake news.

Bannon is blamed for the statements Trump made about Charlottesville though that has not been confirmed and frankly, it sounds like Trump. His latest tweets in support of the anti-hate groups doesn’t sound like Trump. The anti-hate groups of 40,000 who beset 300 not Nazi, not KKK, free speech supporters deserved no praise. They behaved badly.

The story in Charlottesville was that neo-Nazis, KKK, and white nationalists marched. That is the story Trump needed to concentrate on but didn’t to the satisfaction of his opponents in the media and on Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately, everyone it seems is insisting people ignore the fact that the other side are hardcore, violent leftists who seek to impose a dark culture and government on the United States. They are not do-gooders or brave youth as they have been portrayed and Trump shone a light on that. They are a conglomeration of ugly haters who would remake the USA into their hideous likenesses.

While the NY Times and CNN admitted they are communists, socialists, and leftist anarchists, they have also whitewashed them and absolved them of most negative connotations. CNN’s article portrays them as fighting for “peace through violence”. Little is made of the fact that they are subversives trying to overthrow the government.

Steve Bannon unloaded on white nationalists, China, and some White House colleagues in an interview with left-leaning magazine NPR, which is taxpayer funded in part. He dismissed the North Korean threat as a “sideshow,” though Kim Jong-Un is at it again through the State paper, saying he can strike the US anytime and neither Guam, Hawaii nor the U.S. can “dodge the merciless strike.”

Bannon continued, “The economic war with China is everything. We have to be maniacally focused on that.” On white nationalists … a “fringe element” that appeals to “losers” and a “collection of clowns.”

While he didn’t mention Afghanistan, he has kept the President from a surge of up to 60,000 soldiers in that godless terrain. The President had a “very good” meeting with his advisers on Afghanistan in Camp David last week. We don’t know the outcome yet.

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