Sentinel Is Off to Planet Washington



You will see less posting on Independent Sentinel for the next two days because we will be in DC. We are going to the Veterans March on the Memorials on Sunday. On  Saturday we want to see what’s going on with the Truckers Ride on DC and we will report back to you. We’ve heard that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are going to Clean Up the Parks, so I guess we will too.

I have heard mixed results about the turnout for the trucker ride on Washington but we will let you know how it is working out.

We will be sending information, photos, hopefully videos to my friends at noisy room.netJoshua Pundit blogspot, and Grumpy Elder so wander on over to their sites to see what is going on.

We will make sure we send you the latest up-to-date news. If any politicians are arrested by truckers, we will be there with our cameras.

I don’t know when I will actually get to post. I should have set up live streaming but I didn’t know I was going until today. With me will be Desiree Moore. The groups attending these rallies are not Tea Party though I imagine some will come.


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