September 11th, Ten Years later


World Trade Center (WTC) Tower 1, known as the “Freedom Tower,” will rise to 1,362 feet -- the exact height of the original WTC South Tower. Designed by architect David Childs of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the future landmark is planned to open by late 2013.

This is a beautiful tribute by Budweiser. It was only shown once because it was not meant to be a commercial in any way, simply a tribute.

This is CNN footage of the South Tower being hit. At the end, the smoke forms the face of Satan as envisioned by many artists.

Raw footage with interviews and the tragic collapse of the North Tower

Recently declassified photos

Where were you on September 1, 2001? I was running a meeting when my boss came down and whispered in my ear that a small plane hit the World Trade Center. Since the WTC had been hit before, it is a building that conjures up thoughts of terror. I quickly finished the meeting and made it upstairs in time to see the second plane hit the South Tower.

Our computer tech’s brother was scheduled to be in the North Tower, my children worked near the WTC, and the Chief of Chiefs for the NYFD was an usher at my wedding. There was no communication into NYC and it was hours before we found out about our loved ones.

The tech’s brother survived because the trains were running late that day. He recalled being very upset because he was late for the meeting. Everyone waiting for him to arrive, died that day.

My children survived, but two had to pass the fallen towers to get to New Jersey. They saw people jumping from the buildings and they saw the broken bodies.

The Chief of the NYFD, Pete Ganci, died within one hour of the tragedy. He ordered Mayor Giuliani and others away 20 minutes before the South Tower fell because he knew it was coming down. He called his men down from the towers shortly before, but there wasn’t enough time. Pete would not leave the site while his men were in the Towers, not even in the face of his own death. His aide would not leave while Pete remained. His aide died as well. The chaplain, Father Judge, died because he would not leave the firefighters. He was a man who loved fire fighters and loved to ride the engines. He was beloved by the men and died serving them.

It’s still traumatizing, ten years later. The victims were innocents. They weren’t fighting in the field. They were going to work, they were tourists, they had done nothing to deserve this tragedy.

The destruction of the Pentagon

Survivors and rescuers describe the Pentagon attack

Flight 93 Crash Site

Flight 93 Cockpit Recording

The victims of Flight 93

Phone call from Flight 93



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