Sequester Is the End of the World


Barack Obama gets tearful thanking campaign workers

President Obama’s peeps are saying that sequester will now halt gun background checks in addition to bringing about the end of life as we know it.

President Obama likes to take us from crisis to crisis.

Charles Krauthammer put the size of the cuts into perspective on Special Report two nights ago:

In terms of the Gross Domestic Product of our economy this is .03 of the, it’s three, it’s a third of 1% of our domestic economy. On the domestic side, well overall, it’s 2.5 cents on the dollar, and overall on the non-defense side, it’s a penny and a half on the dollar of reductions.

Here we are with a debt of $16 trillion and the argument today is that if we cut a penny and a half on non-defense spending in one year it’s going to be the end of the world. If so, then we are hopelessly in debt or we’re going to end up like Greece.

To put more perspective on the issue, our Congress just approved $60 billion for Sandy aid and for this year, the sequester will cut $44 billion to the increase in spending.

The American public just had to tolerate a 2% payroll tax increase which amounts to more than the sequester but the government officials can’t seem to find any cuts to the INCREASE IN SPENDING because it might affect their popularity.

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