Sequestration: The Blame Game & Barack Obama’s Treason



President Obama forced sequestration on Congress as part of any collapsed budget deal for whatever reasons he may have had. It is no secret he wants to cut defense which will bear about 50% of the cuts while representing roughly 10% of the budget.

During the presidential debates in October 2012, Bob Woodward pointed out that Obama was mistaken when he claimed the idea for sequestration came from Congress.

“What the president said is not correct,” Woodward, a liberal, told Politico, a left-wing propaganda paper. “He’s mistaken,” Woodward said, “And it’s refuted by the people who work for him.”

Woodward wrote the definitive book on the White House, “The Price of Politics” which was based on direct conversations with top White House officials.

He said that White House Office of Management Director Jack Lew and Legislative Affairs Director Rob Nabors took the proposal for sequestration to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and then it was presented to congressional Republicans.

Woodward repeated that claim to CNN and Fox News this week.

Mitch McConnell confirmed that the sequester was directly from President Obama – he heard it himself.

During the debates, at the same time President Obama said sequestration would not happen, he told the Des Moines Register during an interview in October that:

So when you combine the Bush tax cuts expiring, the sequester in place, the commitment of both myself and my opponent — at least Governor Romney claims that he wants to reduce the deficit — but we’re going to be in a position where I believe in the first six months we are going to solve that big piece of business.

It will probably be messy. It won’t be pleasant.

Obviously, he assumed sequestration would happen while saying it wouldn’t. The DesMoines Register tried to keep this from the public by pulling the interview at the president’s behest. In any case, it received no press coverage when it was released at the end of October. [sentinel]

Now of course, we heard President Obama yesterday claiming people will die if the Republicans don’t cave on every issue. He again called the sequester a Republican idea.

He is out campaigning instead of meeting with Congress and compromising while Russians are flying nuclear-armed bombers over a strategic military base in Guam.

At the same time, Obama seemingly ignores the threat and continues with his mission.

In the following video, he was referring to our missile self-defense:

Warning  for us in 2008:

In February, 2012, the Seattle Times reported that Obama wants to cut our nuclear strategic force by 80%. All this while Iran is building nuclear weapons and the Middle East is burning.

WASHINGTON —The Obama administration is weighing options for sharp new cuts to the U.S. nuclear force, including a reduction of up to 80 percent in the number of deployed weapons, The Associated Press has learned.

Even the most modest option now under consideration would be an historic and politically bold disarmament step in a presidential election year, although the plan is in line with President Barack Obama’s 2009 pledge to pursue the elimination of nuclear weapons.

He announced recently that he will begin new talks with Russia to cut another 30%.

Consider other past miltary actions taken by President Obama while in office [sentinel]:

  • In 2009 Obama scrapped the long awaited missile defense system for Poland and the Czech Republic because Russia objected.
  • He has refused to keep secret the technical data on the U.S Standard Missile-3, as called for in the 2012 defense authorization bill.
  • Obama will not pledge to keep American missile technology from China, North Korea and Iran, as it would “…interfere with [his] constitutional authority to conduct foreign affairs…”
  • Obama will provide Russia information on every Trident missile supplied to Great Britain as part of an arms control deal signed with Russian President Medvedev.
  • Leaked cables show that the US will now provide Russia with ALL serial numbers of Trident missiles transferred to Britain.
  • Obama proposes the United States CUT its nuclear arsenal by 80%, yet demands no reciprocity on the part of Russia or any of America’s enemies.
  • Joe Miller, 2010 US Senate candidate from Alaska, reports that, under the guise of drawing a boundary, 7 Alaska-area islands and oil rich sea beds containing perhaps billions of barrels were given to Russia in an unannounced, secret deal by Obama’s State Department. [While the Islands are closer to Russia, they have been open territory]

Iran is still building their bomb. They are working with North Korea who are attempting to build a long-range missile they say can reach the US. Iran has formed an Axis of Evil with Syria and Egypt. China is menacing our allies, most notably Japan.

Obama, for his part, looks forward to a nuclear-free world.


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