Serial Killer is illegal from Kenya, Police are looking into hundreds of cases


Billy Chemirmir, mugshot

Billy Chemirmir, a 46-year-old former healthcare worker is an illegal alien from Kenya. He is a serial killer who murdered at least 12 elderly women for their money and possessions, ABC News reported.

He had been charged with capital murder in March 2018 in the death of Lu Thi Harris, 81. He was indicted on Tuesday for 11 additional murders in two different Texas counties.

Chemirmir worked as a home health care aide in a number of cities in North Texas.

He smothered his victims with a pillow and then robbed them.

The police are now looking into 750 similar cases!

He is being held in Dallas County jail on $9.1 million bond.


Dallas Police Department Executive Assistant Chief of Police David Pughes said his department would look into at least 750 similar cases to determine if Chemirmir was involved.

He was caught after being picked up on another beef. Police had seen him throwing a jewelry box in a dumpster. They traced it back to Ms. Harris.

CNN is ignoring the story and CBS decided to keep it out of the national news.

The health care worker has now been charged with killing Phyllis Payne, 91, on May 14, 2016; Phoebe Perry, 94, on June 5, 2016; Norma French, 85, on Oct. 8, 2016; Doris Gleason, 92, on Oct. 29, 2016; Rosemary Curtis, 76, on Jan. 17, 2018; and Mary Brooks on Jan. 31, 2018.

He was already charged with the murder of Lu Thi Harris, 81, in Dallas County last year.

Chemirmir was also charged with five murders in Collin County, a northeast suburb of Dallas, including Plano, on Tuesday, according to jail records.

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