“Serious, Serious Matter!” FISA Warrant Allowed Unmasking All of Trump’s “Circle”


One of the most important findings in the FISA abuse memo released on Friday is being largely ignored. It not only unmasked Carter Page, it unmasked everyone in the “circle”. The circle was Trump’s entire campaign.

Everyone is focusing on the egregious wrongdoing but no one outside of John Fund is stating the obvious core problem.

The administration didn’t exploit the much-talked-about 702. They went to court and claimed Carter Page was a Russian agent so they could spy on everyone in the Trump campaign.

This is why the Democrats are fighting the release of information. This warrant was obtained through deceit with a document put together by Trump haters and funded by the political opposition. It was used to destroy the opposition but he won anyway. If Hillary won, we wouldn’t have known any of this. We owe a great deal to Donald Trump and maybe God.


The disclosures that had to be made that weren’t made with bogus information A former assistant FBI director called it a “serious, serious matter.”



  1. .In the HPSCI outline it specifically notes the targeting of U.S. individual Carter Page was NOT a FISA Title VII search request…………So under what Title was it filed under, nobody has said what title, if it was filed under Title I of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the FBI and DOJ could go after anyone with ties to Trump and Co, this whole thing stinks, I believe the truth will come out soon !!!!!!!

  2. What is disconcerting is the extent the Mueller probe has undertaken. Even Gowdy thinks there are enough concerns for Mueller as he mentions the “Trump Jr meeting” and Cambridge Analytica as, evidently, worthy of further consideration.

    From what I can gather Mercer is with Cambridge, and also “Breitbart”. I guess the investigation is “concerned” with some data analytics. There certainly wasn’t a concern when it was reported how Google were going to use their massive data collection in order to elect Obama. The more I read and find out it appears anything and everything associated with Republicans is being investigated. This really calls into question the reasoning Mueller has “picked” certain individuals on his team. And, it’s even more suspicious to know Rosenstein instructs Mueller on any parameters, orally. We damned well better not find out there are No records of these discussions. This is one relevant point that Rosenstein should be confronted with at his next appearance.

    According to Gowdy’s interview the FISA court apparently was given the information regarding Page and the FBI from 2013. Page Does admit the FBI interviewed him in that case. Everything in the Page affair is getting more and more suspicious.

    I forget who it was, but a person with experience in these matters suggested having the DC office involved so deeply in such a matter was unprecedented. Normally cases like this are done at the Field Office level. It’s still unknown exactly what and how the FISA declassified documents relate to this. Along with that release was a host of compendium documents from different departments. I have yet to review those simply because there is such a volume of information to review on so many levels. I do get the distinct impression that very few, and maybe most Members of Congress, even know about those documents, especially since no one even remotely references them.

    One thing is for certain and that is Comey’s own testimony of his animus for Trump. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities he could or would be complicit in some unscrupulous affair. He has already given some indication of that capability in the Ashcroft affair, using “altruism” as a pretext. In reading different sources it definitely appears he was very dishonest in his remarks before the Congress, told by certain individuals who were there that Comey was unaware of.

  3. This is interesting:


    I mentioned before that it is usually Field Offices that do these investigations. In this article we can see the depths it takes For a Field Office to seek a FISA warrant. So, in this case it seems to have been done “in-house”. What is also curious is the AG, Loretta Lynch wrote a lengthy response to the IG that they are not allowed oversight in National Security Division of the Department of Justice. Now, today, That really stands out.

  4. The Democrat Party, by its very nature, fights against the exposure of liars and corruption within the government. It thrives on use of them. Their Machiavellian posture is obvious; If it works for us, do it…we’ll cover it up.

    Propitiously, Hillary lost the election. The Democrat Party’s fear of being exposed evoked the quoted comment, “We’re f**ked!” Indeed, their biggest fear is becoming a reality, due largely to the Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress. This must be maintained in 2018 in order to continue the effort to contain the socialist movement called “progressive”.

  5. No one is saying the obvious about the memo; it implicates Hillary! The memo makes her look like a little girl with a cookie jar on her lap and chocolate all over her face. Hillary bought the DNC. Hillary was and IS the DNC. She was the one with the vested interest in the results of the phony dossier. Comey may have frustrated justce on the email issue, but here’s a brand new charge to lay against her. On another note, for a person of Christian faith, it is not possible to view the Trump win without attributing it to Divine intervention. Just ask Franklin Graham.

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