SERIOUS Unrest at the NRA as They Break with NRA TV, Dana Loesch


There are serious problems and unrest at the NRA. Leftists are beside themselves with glee. NRA TV production has been shut down. This severs ties between the NRA and Dana Loesch, at least for now.

NRA TV is run by Ackerman McQueen, the NRA advertising partner.

The gun lobby paid the firm up to $40 million per year, despite membership dues dropping by $35 million in 2017 alone.

It was unclear if the NRA will hire Loesch or others, the Times said. Last month, the NRA sued Ackerman McQueen, claiming it was behind an attempted corporate coup.

The NRA has faced existential threats due to the constant attacks from leftists, gun grabbers like Everytown, and states like New York with socialist thugs Andrew Cuomo and Letitia James refusing to follow the rule of law.

Oliver North and Wayne LaPierre were at loggerheads and LaPierre won. The Times reports that North, a key figure in the Reagan era Iran-Contra scandal, had created a committee to investigate alleged financial improprieties at the NRA. We don’t know if his concerns are well-placed. The media can’t be trusted.

On the other hand, North was accused of double dipping. The Daily Beast reported Friday that a civil complaint in Virginia filed earlier this month and amended Wednesday claims that North has been receiving income from advertising firm Ackerman McQueen while it has been under contract with NRA TV to produce a documentary series.

Usually, the presidency of the NRA is a ceremonial position, but he insisted on a salary from the NRA.

The NRA also claims Ackerman McQueen has been doing little for the tens of millions it has received from them.

Since the NRA is the one thing that stands between the Second Amendment and the fascists, we do want the NRA to survive.


Robert Mueller has agreed to testify to the House Intelligence Committee on July 17th. He will also testify before the Judiciary. He has already promised to offer nothing new, but the Committee will be happy to simply regurgitate the anti-Trump fervor of Robert Mueller. However, Mueller will also be subject to answering questions from Republicans.

And in other news, Clint Eastwood, a man of freedom, will film his next movie in Atlanta. YES!

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4 years ago

“Since the NRA is the one thing that stands between the Second Amendment and the fascists”

The hell it is. In the past two decades, many gun issues (e.g., constitutional carry, armed school staff, armed pilots) have been driven entirely by “unofficial” activists with no help (and often hinderance) from the NRA, whereupon the NRA gets in front of the cameras afterward and takes the credit. The Second Amendment isn’t strong because of the NRA, it’s strong because of the NRA’s members. The NRA made a big mistake betraying its members. We’re now quite used to organizing without the NRA (and sometimes in spite of it) and (unlike the pinstriped cookie-pushers inside the Beltway) if it went away, we’d barely miss it.

4 years ago

Did anyone even think to check to see if the management of Ackerman McQueen was pro-gun? If not then the NRA may have been supplying their enemies with millions that could have been been donated to anti-gun causes.