Sessions Might Fire McCabe Before He Gets His Pension


According to NBC News, the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility recommended the immediate firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. That would put McCabe’s pension at risk.

It’s up to Sessions now. The Office of Professional Responsibility said to fire him and Sessions has to make the decision. McCabe’s due to retire this weekend.

According to the MSM, the recommendation is based on McCabe not being fully forthcoming in answers about whether he talked to a reporter about the FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

When it became public in January, McCabe stepped aside. NBC reports that officials familiar with the situation say Sessions will act quickly and fire McCabe.

Talking to reporters sounds like the least of what McCabe has done wrong. McCabe was campaigning for his wife who was running for Congress while he was on the Clinton probe. The problem with that was Clinton’s donors were funding his wife’s campaign.

McCabe was also deeply involved in the Strzok-Page corruption.

It’s very hard to believe Sessions would fire McCabe before he gets his pension and even harder to believe he would do it over him talking with a reporter.

The media is portraying it as Sessions wanting to fire someone Trump “loathes”.

This entire story might be an excuse to bash Trump because the MSM articles are doing exactly that. They are sympathetic with McCabe after ‘twenty years of service in the Bureau” as they claim Sessions is under pressure by Trump to fire him. The media is up to something. Perhaps they are just trying to protect McCabe’s job until his Sunday retirement.

One must wonder why he wasn’t fired and why he still has security clearance. Why do Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, and Bruce Ohr have their jobs and security clearance?

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5 years ago

Now would be a perfect time to make a deal with McCabe. Tell us exactly who did what and who ordered it. Tell us the truth and you get your pension. Spill the beans or go home poor.

5 years ago

Oh poor Little Jeff has a time limit on a decision. I wonder if he can take the pressure. He can hold up another shiny object by firing McCabe, in another tiny attempt to recover his reputation.

But when he recused it was just 2 days after taking office, he acted as if he was under a time limit, when there was none, and there was no pressure. Go figure.