Sessions to Run for the Senate as a Write-In?


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has spoken to President Trump in Vietnam, to CoS John Kelly and Vice President Mike Pence about the Roy Moore debacle. Undoubtedly, he discussed Jeff Sessions running for his old seat as a write-in candidate. Sessions is very popular in Alabama and could win.

Attorney General Sessions has expressed no interest in returning to the Senate.

We must say here that nothing has been proven either way against Moore but the evidence by the accusers seem credible to many and Moore has not presented any evidence to refute the allegations – at least not yet.

Moore said he will not leave the race and he is a tough guy.

Mitch McConnell has floated the idea of Attorney General Jeff Sessions running as a replacement for Roy Moore, accused of sexual assaults on high school girls when he was in his thirties.

McConnell brought up the idea Tuesday night at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council’s annual meeting in Washington. He suggested Sessions as a write-in is popular enough to win in those circumstances as did Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.

This could save the seat for Republicans and it would be a win-win for President Trump. The President is very displeased with Sessions as Attorney General since he recused himself from all things Russia.

It is up to President Trump but if he does stand up against Moore and Moore wins, he will be in a very difficult position with his supporters. Many Moore supporters are Trump supporters.

McConnell said, “It appears as if the only option would be a write-in and that’s very seldom successful, although we’ve had an example of it in 2010. Lisa Murkowski from Alaska lost the primary, ran a write-in campaign in the general election and actually won.”

“That obviously would be a big move for him [Sessions] and for the President. As the President is winding his way back to the United States, I’m confident this is an issue they’re discussing in great detail,” McConnell said.

If far-left Democrat Doug Jones wins in December, it would kill the President’s agenda.

Another idea being floated is to have Strange resign immediately and call another special election, but that might not kill the special election scheduled for December 12.

So, as an afterthought, when are the politicians going to call for Democrat Bob Menendez to leave the Senate? How is he “fit”? Jurors see him as guilty.

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