Sessions Turned Up, Says Rod Wouldn’t Threaten Anyone


Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Tucker Carlson that his deputy Rod Rosenstein didn’t threaten the House Intel staffers. However, Rep. Gaetz said that Rosenstein left staffers “shaking in fear.”

Sessions is the invisible Attorney General except for his occasional speech about illegal immigration. The real AG is the conflicted Rod Rosenstein who is in charge of the person in charge of the Russia case for which he is a witness.

Rosenstein is accused of threatening the House Intel Committee earlier this year. It has been confirmed by more than one witness. On the other hand, unsurprisingly, the FBI says they would characterize it differently. They simply meant they would have to look at all the phone records, emails, and so on if held in contempt by the committee.

The contempt charge is due to the fact that they will not fork over documents the committee is entitled to as they investigate corruption at the DoJ/FBI.

While obvious corruption is ignored and the DoJ/FBI usurps the power and rights of Congress, Jeff Sessions has been missing in action. Suddenly, last night, he turned up on Tucker’s show.

He told Tucker Carlson that he was sure Rosenstein didn’t threaten Congress. In fact, he is pleased with the job they are doing.

Rosenstein has more conflicts of interest than Sessions ever had, yet Sessions is the one who recused himself.

Sessions told Tucker the threat was not confirmed and, “In fact, the FBI Director, the senior ethics attorney for the Department of Justice who was in the room said that is a mischaracterization of what occurred.”

Tucker asked Sessions, “Did the Deputy Attorney General threaten to subpoena the email or phone records of the members of the House Intel Committee?”

Sessions added, “All I can say is Chris Wray and the senior ethics attorney and others did not see it in that same fashion.”

They wouldn’t, would they?

Rep. Matt Gaetz pointed out on Twitter that Rosenstein has a lot of conflicts in this case, but it’s okay for him apparently.

The fact is the DoJ/FBI is obstructing justice and interfering with the legislative branch. Rosenstein tells himself Congress has no “constitutional basis for oversight”. Threats are just another tool used by Rosenstein.

Rep. Gaetz said he heard first-hand that staff were “‘shaking’ in fear over threats.”

Rep. Meadows also addressed the issue with Laura Ingraham who put forward the excuse by the DoJ/FBI.

One point he made is it is wholly improper for the Executive Branch to demand the phone records, emails, and so on from the Legislative Branch. They “don’t have the right to do that,” he said.

The House committees are passing yet another resolution after the DoJ missed two more deadlines in less than a week.

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4 years ago

From what I understand Sessions was deeply involved with all the players under investigation. It seems he may have been in charge of the group that included Papadopolous, Carter Page and Clovis. This puts him right in the middle of the Mueller investigation. So, if he says anything at all would that be seen as obstructing justice. Maybe this is what convinced him to recuse. How does it look that he heads a foreign policy team and, Also, meets with Russians. Chances are he’s in Mueller’s crosshairs.

4 years ago

Justice has the order of succession which was modified from Obama’s chain of command. I believe the next in line is in Virginia. Alex Jones was all hysterical when it came out as if it was somehow undermining Trump. This is a typical function for a change in party. The result is it being more favorable to Trump.

As much as I like Judge Jeanine it would be disastrous for her to be AG. The politicization of the Department in the previous Administration has proven to be extremely problematic. Having a political firebrand heading the Department would create huge distrust, and that’s even if she was completely non-partisan in the job. The appearance would be seen in every instance.

4 years ago

Judge Jeanine is just itching to take over as AG. Donald J., take her up on the offer.

Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
4 years ago

The only reason RosenstAin will not release the FISA Warrant Applications is that they will show that Rosenstain, his buddy, Comey, his Buddy McShade,, and his very good buddy, Loretta Lynch commited felony perjury by lying to the FISA Court. Sessions is either a BOOB or a MOLE. 18 U.S.C. Sections 1621 and 1001a……READ ‘EM AND WEEP.

4 years ago

On May 1, Rosenstein said “there is actually not a constitutional basis for oversight.”……….uuuuhhhhh sorry dipsh*t Rosenstein, Congress created the DOJ and FBI and they do have oversight, what the hell are you hiding Rottenstink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!