Sessions Won’t Quit, POTUS Rips Him Again This Afternoon


Bloomberg News is reporting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he has no intention of quitting.

“We in this Department of Justice will continue every single day to work hard to serve the national interest, and we wholeheartedly join in the priorities of President Trump,” Sessions said in a news conference Thursday. “We love this job. We love this department, and I plan to continue to do so.”

Hours later, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters that Trump was “disappointed in the attorney general’s decision to recuse himself, but clearly he has confidence in him or he would not be the attorney general.”

In a brief interview with the Wall Street Journal, President Trump ripped into Attorney General Sessions once again. This time, the President cut even deeper, suggesting Sessions endorsed him because of Trump’s success as a candidate, not out of loyalty.

President Trump must understand that the AG is not his personal attorney.

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