Seventh Woman Accuses Creepy Al Franken


Top Democrats, up to two dozen Democrats, are calling for Al Franken to step down now that a seventh woman has come out to accuse him and Blacks are angry that Franken, among others, operates under different rules from John Conyers Jr.

At least one of Franken’s colleagues expects him to step down but Franken denied it Wednesday. He will make an announcement Thursday. A far-left Democrat Mark Dayton is governor and will appoint a Democrat replacement and possibly hold a special election.

Franken became senator through corruption; he continuously says vile things against his opponents; and he’s always been a sexual slob. Why anyone is surprised is the question.

He might have harassed all the women or almost all before he became senator.

Democrats want to clear the slate to attack President Trump and Roy Moore in 2018 — they need to get rid of their molesters – provably molesters.  They like to pretend they are the only ones who care about women and in fact they are the worst offenders..

The seventh woman came out to accuse Franken of making an unwanted sexual advance after a taping of his radio show in 2006.

A former Democratic congressional aide, she said Al Franken tried to forcibly kiss her after a taping of his radio show in 2006, three years before he became a U.S. senator. She was gathering her things when she turned and Franken was in her face. She quickly ducked and missed his wet, sloppy kiss. As she took off, he said, “It’s my right as an entertainer.”


This is who celebrities are. It’s their lifestyle.

A new scandalous and shocking transcript of a Matt Lauer roast in October 2008 attended by the so-called women’s rights advocates has been exposed and it proves exactly that. It wasn’t filmed. Filming was banned because of the depth of vulgarity.

Joe Scarborough brought it up on his show this week and said it was so bad that he left early. He said people not only knew about Lauer’s behavior, they celebrated it.

Following told “d*ck and p*ssy” jokes. The Billy Bush tape was just how these people talk. There were 1900 celebrities at this roast. The celebrities acted shocked at the Billy Bush tape but that was as phony as the Russia collusion investigation.

Nancy Odell at the October 2008 Friars’ Club roast of filthy jokes.

An example of hypocrisy is best represented by Nancy Odell who was present for the roast and who acted shocked and appalled by the Billy Bush tape. She was at this event and thought it very entertaining. One thing that is very clear is they knew about Matt Lauer — all those women’s rights activists knew and they have been lying. I had included some of the vulgarity but I removed it after publication. It’s too much for this website.

You can read much of the transcript at The Village Voice.


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