Several of Our Black Congressman Formulate Policy with Farrakhan


Writer Jeryl Bier of The Weekly Standard is reporting beyond the photo of Barack Obama meeting with Louis Farrakhan. He has expanded to other congressmen who not only met with Farrakhan, but met to formulate policy.

Farrakhan and his “religious” group are purveyors of hate who encourage violence against opponents. Even Southern Poverty Law Center calls Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam a hate group.

Farrakhan is anti-white, anti-Semitic and anti-American. Bier listed a few of his quotes on his Twitter page:

On Iranian TV, he said traitorously, “I believe that brother Fidel Castro is one of the greatest revolutionaries in the history of the struggle of human beings to attain their human rights.”

Also on Iranian TV,  “America is on her deathbed… America… is going down, and so my brother [Fidel Castro] rests in peace.

Same TV: “America’s time unfortunately for judgment has come… a judgment of the world that has been affected by the “Shaitan” or Satan of America.”

Farrakhan’s views are extremely radical, for example: Farrakhan claims Jews calls Jews “Satanic”; he claims Jews caused the Holocaust and 9/11; and he has stated “White people deserve to die”. Finally, Farrakhan said, “Hitler was a very great man”.


Farrakhan is the man Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, William Jefferson and Al Green, all U.S. representatives, meet with to determine policy.

These congressmen, all of whom want to impeach Trump, met with anti-Semitic, anti-White Louis Farrakhan to discuss national strategy.

This is traitorous behavior and they should immediately be kicked out of Congress.

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