Sexist Nike & Governor Newsom Remind Us They’re Despicable


Anti-American Nike didn’t want to offend anyone with one of our American flags on their sneakers after Castro-loving Marxist Kaepernick complained. It’s who they are.

Nike isn’t a real American brand. They ship more and more business overseas to sweatshops so they can employ cheap labor and don’t have to pay U.S. taxes.

The company is still plagued by unsafe and unfair business practices. Nike loves to partner with repressive regimes.

Betsy Ross was a radical, the kind of woman the leftists usually like. She didn’t march to any beat of a drum. Nike is very sexist to diss her.

Their latest gesture will get them a lot of publicity and their core base of young anti-American urbanites will go out and buy their gear.

They had the choice of being patriotic or abiding by the commands of one Marxist and they went with the Marxist.

We hope it was worth it to them.


Gavin Newsom, the Marxist California governor, who is running the state further into the ground, invited them to open their plant in the tax-burdened socialist California. They have so much to offer, free healthcare for illegals, ridiculously high gas prices, homeless everywhere who shoot up and poop wherever, a high minimum wage, and endless regulations.

Those are the best of American values Newsom so respects.

By all means, Nike, go to Cali. You deserve each other.

Stand Up for the Flag!

A veteran-owned business is selling Betsy Ross flag shirts. I just bought two.

Donald Trump Jr. suggested this design for the new Nike sneakers which we coincidentally posted on Facebook yesterday. It’s very appropriate.

Buy American!!! New Balance works!

Featured image cartoon by Antonio Branco at Net Right Daily

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