Sexist Reebok Attacks President Trump for Objectifying President Macron’s Wife


When President Trump met with French President Macron and his wife Brigitte last week, the media didn’t notice it was a very successful trip. What they did notice was a comment Trump made to Mrs. Macron. “You’re in such good shape,” he said. “She’s in such good physical shape. Beautiful.”

Actually, Mrs. Macron is considerably older than her husband and is great shape, remarkably so for a woman sixty-four years old.

The media hasn’t let up on the insults over that and over his 24-second handshake. Even the Australian Prime Minister felt the need to insult Trump. What the Democrats and the media are doing with this nonsense is making a mockery of the United States.

Reebok decided to shame the President also

Apparently they don’t want half the nation to buy Reeboks.

The hypocrites at Reebok don’t seem to realize they objectify women to sell their lousy, over-priced sneakers.

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