Shadow Government! Kerry Met with 3 Iranian Ministers Tied to the EU


Hanoi John Kerry is holding not-very-secret covert meetings with high-level Iranian counterparts. Is he FARA registered? What about The Logan Act? We’re sure Robert Mueller will be right on it.

On May 7, Fars News agency confirmed that Kerry met with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif two weeks before to salvage the deal.

Kerry also met with three diplomat terrorists on May 12.


Why is Hanoi John meeting with Iranian leaders after the deal was cancelled by the President? He could be giving them advice on how to threaten Trump or to negotiate a deal with the EU in defiance of U.S. administration policy or both.

Kerry is trying to isolate the President and keep him from backing Iran into accepting a better deal.

The first one in the photo above is Kamal Kharizi, Iran’s Strategic Council in Foreign Affairs.

Another appears to be Abolqasem Delfi. Abolqasem was previously ambassador of Iran to Australia, the European Union, Belgium, Italy, and served as political director general to Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has ties to the EU partners in the JCPOA.

Another looks like the Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli who wants to immediately enter into negotiations with the EU partners to the Iran deal.

“Iran should enter negotiations with Europeans in a certain period of time and if it feels that their behavior is within the framework of the positions they are taking, it should continue its relations [with them,]” said Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli after a cabinet meeting on Wednesday [May 9] a day after the United States announced it will pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran.

It appears that Hanoi John is negotiating with the Iranian ministry to set up the deal with the rest of the partners to the Iranian nuclear deal before Trump can corner them.

As an aside, two Obama minions wrote on the pages of the NY Times that the EU should threaten to pull their ambassadors out of Washington if Trump does not stay in the deal. If that doesn’t work, they say the French, Germans, and Brits should expel the U.S. ambassadors.

The shadow government of Barack Obama is trying to isolate President Trump from Europe.

The EU partners, Germany, France and the U.K. have vowed to stay in the deal.

Our so-called NATO ally Turkey, under the dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has vowed to stay in the deal.

Erdogan has been promised northern Syria for his caliphate. That’s where our Syrian allies have control.

We know where Russia and China will stand in this.


HARDLINERS in Iran said they were happy with the Trump decision to leave the JCPOA nuclear deal. Watch them celebrating in the next clip, stomping on the U.S. flag, screaming, “Death to America”.


Jason Osbourne and others have said that Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari has threatened to release the names of Westerners who took bribes to get the JCPOA approved. The information could be accurate but we can find no evidence that it is.

Let them releae the names now.


The unsigned JCPOA, otherwise known as the Iranian nuclear deal, was unsigned and negotiated outside of Congress and outside the Constitution. It was nothing, not a treaty, not a pact, just an unsigned agreement between Obama and Iranian terrorist leaders. Middle Eastern leaders were opposed to the deal.

While it was being negotiated by Hanoi John [Kerry], 47 Republican senators signed a letter posted to the Iranian Ayatollah. They informed him it was outside the Constitution and not binding when a new president comes to power. The Ayatollah then attempted to tell them what their Constitution allows and Kerry expressed his shock at senators interfering in sensitive negotiations.

Iran proposed bribes to U.S. oil companies.

In March, 2015, Tehran Times reported that the head of Iranian Ministry of Petroleum’s Oil Contracts Revision Committee promised rewards to U.S. oil companies who “take a position against Republican senators who recently wrote a letter warning Iran against a nuclear deal with the U.S. will be rewarded”.

Ministry head Mehdi Hosseini said, “We know that the U.S. oil companies are not happy with the letter of 47 senators against the nuclear talks,” Hosseini said.

It is ironic that Iran seemed to support Barack Obama against the GOP and Obama was fine with that. Whose side is he on?

It is clear that former president Obama bribed the Iranians with cash and gold under cover of darkness to accept the deal.

President Trump is only dissolving an unsigned deal between Obama and a terror nation. It’s a nothing.

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