Sham #MeToo Mute as Hogg Bullies Breast Cancer Survivor, Single Mom


How does the following profile not qualify this very special woman for iconic feminist status? She graduated Dartmouth, the University of Virginia Law School, and clerked for a Supreme Court Justice. She’s appeared on the cover of The New York Times Magazine, been a best selling author, enjoys a widely syndicated radio program, and hosted a number of cable TV shows. In her personal life she’s successfully battled breast cancer and, as a single mom, adopted 3 children; a girl from Guatemala, and two boys from Russia.

To answer our question, the lady sporting those truly remarkable credentials does not qualify as a feminist icon because she happens to be a conservative commentator, Laura Ingraham.

Forget that the independence, drive, intellect, adoption of 3 at-risk kids, and personal courage Ms. Ingraham has displayed in her life would earn any liberal gala spot atop of sisterhood’s pedestal. Laura’s political views are an immediate disqualifier.

Those opinions have excluded her from another highly publicized, media embraced, “female rights club”. That would be the #MeToo movement. While so many of these high profile gals have been all over TV bragging about their fight against males accused of misbehaving on a variety of levels, somehow man-child David Hogg’s call out to boycott Laura Ingraham’s sponsors has escaped their typically super sensitive sensibilities.

The same can’t be said of Mr. Hogg, however. The rising media star took great offense to Ms. Ingraham’s reference to him “whining” after being rejected by 4 of his top college choices. Her quick apology quelled the student’s wrath, not one bit. David doubled down and demanded more.

So while #MeToo has happily broadcast the names of men allegedly committing offenses ranging from physical assault to saying things a woman thought rude, they remain completely mute as a breast cancer survivor and single mom of three adoptive youngsters is having her livelihood threatened by…..a young man enjoying a very big soapbox.

If nothing else, #MeToo’s utter silence has allowed Laura, however unintentionally, to expose this latest fad, feminist gang for the sham it really is. Their stunning hypocrisy notwithstanding, no big surprise really.


  1. About the same as NOW sticking up for Bill and Hillary during Bills escapades. Typical double talk from these worthless liberals.

  2. Unfortunately you’re correct, the hypocrisy is no big surprise. Someone needs to shut this little twerp up! In him, the left sees a rising star; someone they can groom for the next “Obama” replacement. Sadly, these types get more media attention then those who truly deserve it, simply because smut, viciousness and sensationalism sell. The hubris of Hogg and the smarmy attitude he possesses will be his downfall one day. He is merely enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, and pushing the boundaries to see how far he can go. “Bullies” usually do that, yet the left is constantly screaming about “no bullying, no bullying” while they engage in it with abandon. More hypocrisy. My issue is with Laura’s apology….never should have happened. Never! It gives Hogg an adreneline rush and a continued sense of self-import. He’s done nothing in his brief life, other than go to school (naturally, that’s expected) yet he’s found himself at the top of the totem pole and relishing every minute of it. Aided and abetted by the criminal media, he is given more credence than Laura Ingraham…pathetic as usual. As a society we now award aberrant behavior, deviant lifestyles, man-hating and the like. In my day, we had true role models, those we could look up to and aspire to be. Now we have Hogg – who’d want to look up to that? Beats me.

  3. So, when is the Socialist Democrat Party going to nominate David “Camera” Hogg for office? I mean, the only people who would object to an empty-headed 18 year old pajama-boy puppet running for office are mean-spirited right-wing racists with NRA money in their pockets and blood on their hands, RIGHT??? After all, the Democrats can never have enough arrogant, self-righteous know-it-all social justice “warriors,” so why not run this pathetic, ectomorphic twerp?

  4. I couldn’t agree more, Jim! Laura Ingraham is one of the finest commentators on the air today, and deserves to be treated as such…. David Hogg has no idea what he is trying to do and should be smacked down as hard as possible! A real tragedy is that a number of spineless advertisers are turning their backs on Ms. Ingraham… one good course of action readers can take is to go to the American Family Ass’n. website and send your email messages to all her advertisers (at one time) as soon as possible… tell them that you support Laura… it’s very easy to do, just a few keystrokes to put them all on notice that you fully support Laura’s right to be heard. go to and git ‘er done!!!
    BTW, AFA is a great organization, always fighting the good fight… it’s a good idea to sign up for their notices that make it easy to communicate your thoughts and support for good causes… no dues, contributions are totally optional…

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