Shameful Exploitation of a 9-Year-Old Drag Queen [Video]


According to ABC News, a 9-year-old drag queen is “sending a message of love and inclusiveness” during Pride month. Keegan, a little boy, performs in drag as Kween KeeKee.

A third-grade teacher asked her class what they wanted to be when they grow up, and Keegan wrote in his memory book: “gender creative.”

I wonder what exploitive lunatics taught him that.

Keegan said he can be himself when he’s wearing a dress. He also has a message for anyone who might struggle with their identity.

“I want the world to know that you can be special, and you can be who you want to be,” Keegan said. “You can be a vegetarian, you can even be a veterinarian. You can be LGBTQ. You can be a drag queen, drag king.”

It doesn’t sound quite that normal when you hear it on the clip.

Keegan usually goes by the pronouns “he,” “him” and “his.” His family says Keegan has acceptance and support at a school in their conservative, Christian town outside Austin.

These people don’t need acceptance, they need serious therapy. He’s a little child and should be out playing baseball or dancing in a non-exploitive setting.

Look at the audience cheering this on:

  • This is just the first step in normalizing pedophilia. What one generation “tolerates” the next generation will “embrace”. In the fifties there was a movement to normalize homosexuality. Does anyone suggest anything negative about that lifestyle. I do believe in my lifetime there Will be an acceptance of pedophilia. And what of all those convictions that have been widespread lately. They will All be dismissed for the sake of inclusiveness.

    Twitter has “strict” policies on child exploitation yet there’s no action taken in these cases. No doubt Twitter will be the format that eventually normalizes pedophilia. The media has yet to jump on the bandwagon, but rest assured they will be in full support, as their total lack of coverage of the numerous cases involving these crimes shows. If the media will allow This why Wouldn’t they condone other sexual proclivities. It doesn’t take much to go from “cute” to permissiveness of even more. Therefore, what is “disgusting” to one generation, the next generation will “pursue”.

  • This kid and the others who are being groomed to exhibit behaviiors such as this kid is doing are in deep doo-doo when puberty hits.
    Look up the suicide stats for the LGBTQ crowd. This kid is gonna be a prime candidate for inclusion in those figures in the future.