Shameful: MSNBC Blames Failed UAW Vote in Tennessee on Racism


NoahTimothy Noah 

Timothy Noah, a whiney-tongued income inequality writer for MSNBC is a former senior editor at the far-left propaganda journal The New Republic and was a senior writer for Slate, another far-left tool. He went on to MSNBC yesterday and fabricated a story out of whole cloth about racism being the cause of the workers rejecting the UAW contract at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee a few days ago.

The interviewer then made a baseless allegation that the reason behind this billboard below was racism.


According to this MSNBC interviewer, if you use Obama’s name, you’re a racist.

Listen to Noah and then the smug interviewer at the end:


This is the real reason the UAW workers voted down the UAW unionization effort:

Racism is real and when irresponsible people invent racist events out of thin air, they are hurting efforts to end racism. They are also race-baiting. This is a real insult to the 712 people who voted against the UAW contract.

In fact, Detroit is the UAW and therein lies a problem for the UAW, not racism. The Northern liberals are destroying many of the jobs in the cities, and unsustainable union demands play no small role.

Since 1979, the UAW has lost 75% of its membership. Is that racism too?

The Tennessee workers might have been worried about their jobs going to Mexico which is a real possibility. Volkswagen is in business to make money, not to feather union nests. Volkswagen has $7 billion set aside for development in our hemisphere but most of it is slated for Mexico.

Mexican workers make one-sixth to one-seventh less and the quality of their work is the same as U.S. workers.

After we bailed out GM and Chrysler, which is now Fiat, the two companies and Ford sent business to Mexico where 3 million cars are made a year. That number is expected to increase 38% by 2016 with all foreign automakers adding plants there. Mexico is now the 8th largest car maker.



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